With remote guidance it's just like being there.
Even if you're actually somewhere else.

XMReality Remote Guidance gives your people the skills, knowledge and support they need - where and when they need them.
It's just like being there.


Advantages you can really count on.

Increase service

AR is a key enabler of new services and servitization, With XMReality Remote Guidance your service offering becomes more complete.

Strengthen brand

Build your service capabilities and your brand, with cutting-edge tech that attracts innovative talent, and customers.

Boost sales opps

Explore new use cases and sales opportunities with Remote Guidance, like training, auditing and onboarding.

Reduce travel costs

With remote troubleshooting no costly field trips are required to increase both your uptime, and your response and resolution time.


Guide followers, using these and many more tools.

Pointing & Making gestures

Let your hands do the talking, make complex procedures crystal-clear, whatever your language.

Showing tools

You can use not only your hands, but even overlay physical tools to show exactly how it's done.

Screen Sharing

Share Screen from Windows to any device, either the entire desktop or any individual window.


Back up our visual, gestural tools with an excellent, high-quality voice connection.

Video recording

Build up a whole library of first-time-fix tips and tricks, for colleagues and customers.

Guiding on picture

When live is not available or optimal, guide on images from other sessions, situations or sources.

XMReality portal

Intuitive web portal

Our user administration web portal offers excellent user experience with a simple intuitive display that makes it easy to create teams, manage users and track KPIs.