Augment your helpdesk solution and increase customer satisfaction by 30%.

The XMReality helpdesk solution at a glance.

Pointer: the graphical pointer allows you to point on a specific item or an area of interest.

Hands overlay: the video overlay function lets you use your hands to show your counterpart exactly what to do and how to do it – as if you were there.

Share screen: this feature allows you to share your screen or a specific window – to show, for example, drawings, manuals or applications.

Additional features, such as image sharing and recording, further enhance your experience and help increase knowledge transfer.

30% higher customer satisfaction.

Shorter time to resolution

Increased first time fix rate

Saving on cost per ticket

30% higher customer satisfaction – that goes for our own customers as well, by the way.

Seamless integration

Remote Guidance can be seamlessly integrated with any customer service system, such as ZenDesk, FreshDesk, Jira and Samanage. Learn more about how Remote Guidance empowers your helpdesk through the entire process here.


Faster, better, cheaper? Check.

With new digital technologies raising the bar for helpdesk services, customers are expecting more value, faster problem resolution and lower costs. As Remote Guidance lets you see through the eyes of your customer, issues can be resolved much faster – saving both time and money.

And because the time of resolution correlates directly to customer satisfaction, well – you’ll certainly increase customer satisfaction right away.

32% faster. That means 640,000 USD.

A recent field study found that, compared to a standard video call, problem solving with Remote Guidance is as much as 32% faster. Another recent report found that 82% of the surveyed global customers had experienced business critical issues in the past three years – at an average cost of a whopping two million USD.

Now imagine cutting these costs by 32%. Your savings would be 640,000 USD.


Value for you

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Shortened time to resolution
  • Increased first response rate
  • Decreased cost per ticket
  • Improved agent utilization
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer

Value for your customer

  • Issues resolved more quickly
  • Less downtime on units
  • Possibility to solve more problems by themselves
  • Increased knowledge transfer
  • Improved support experience
  • Increased satisfaction

Streamlining the entire support process.

From issue validation to closing the case – you can rely on Remote Guidance to add value every step of the way. Here, you’ll discover just how Remote Guidance augments your helpdesk solution through the entire support chain.

Remote Guidance helps you increase your first time fix rate and accuracy, and resolve more issues in the first exchange with the customer – as early as in the validation step.

Because customer satisfaction correlates directly to the time of resolution, faster troubleshooting is key. With Remote Guidance, your agent can share the view with the customer through the click of a single button. No installation is required. It’s really that simple.

With Remote Guidance, problem solving equals knowledge transfer. As the issue is resolved, your agent simply saves the video recording and tags it to the case or ticket. This way, you’ll be creating a digital library over time – ensuring traceability and building up the knowledge base in the preferred location.

Whenever a support case is escalated, the recording – which is tagged to the case or ticket – can be viewed instantly by the next level of support. This saves time, of course, while also increasing knowledge transfer.

When cases are closed, the helpdesk can tap analytic features and dashboards to visualize data – providing executive-level insights into the relevant KPI:s. This benefits anything from first response to first time fix rate, time to resolution, agent utilization, customer satisfaction and cost per ticket. In short – it’s the data you need to take support to the next level.

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