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Help your customers

It’s now simple to help your customers, whatever their problem, whatever their device

Help your colleagues

Pool your shared expertise, creating a knowledge base that can tackle any challenge

Help the planet

Reduce unnecessary travel, making a real difference to your carbon footprint

Supporting your customers & colleagues couldn´t be simpler

Here is what you need (but already have)

With just a phone...

Does your client have a smartphone or tablet? If so, you can help them

… its browser …

XMReality Business links open directly in your browser – no downloads, no fuss

… and your hand.

It’s always easier to show than to just tell – assist with the simplicity and power of gestures

Instant Remote Guidance – just like being there

Video conferencing and remote support tools such as Skype and Team Viewer are great for situations where both parties are sitting at their desks, but real-world physical problems require something more. XMReality Remote Guidance lets you not just tell, but show.

Hands Overlay: 
Use your hands to show customers and colleagues what to do and how to do it.

Freeze the frame, draw on the image – and then easily go back to video again.

Share picture: 
Share pictures from your device, such as drawings, manuals or applications.

More features


Showing tool

Making Gestures


Pause/freeze video

Snap shots

Share Image

High quality sound

Christer Bäck, Senior Customer Service Manager, Norden Machinery.

”We expect to reduce extended warranty service costs by 10% using XMReality, money that goes direct into our EBIT. And these savings also mean we’re able to offer more goodwill services to our clients.”

Alessandro Viani, Manager of ProCare Futura Aftersales Divison.

”The moment we saw it we knew this was what we'd been looking for. Smart, simple, easy to switch on and run on existing platforms. We don't have to request anything from the customer. One click and they're in. "

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