Amanda Reese just came from a five-year employment as design manager. At a management meeting last month, the group’s service manager approached her and made her an offer: ”How about taking over as our new service support expert?”

“What?” A.R. was almost in shock at the proposal. “Service?” She felt she had been born to develop things. The latest technology, frontline products. Not waste her time on after-market stuff.

page-guide-1Today, three weeks later, she’s already deeply involved in her new mission as global service support expert – guiding people around the world. And she loves it!

page-guide-2It wasn’t until the service manager elaborated his plan that it became clear to her. He had asked A.R.: ”Who knows our product better than you? Who can assist our people in the field better than you? Nobody. Besides, you’ll be the whole group’s super-expert!”

page-guide-3A.R. used to be detail-oriented. Now she is people-oriented. Behind her guiding station she finds herself more and more comfortable as a super expert.Appreciated by everyone from service technicians to managers who have discovered a new way to benefit from the company’s human capital.