There was never any doubt in Adam Rodman’s mind. Airplanes have meant everything to him since he was a kid. And have continued to do so to this day. Now, he is going into his tenth year as an avionics technician.

page-follower-1This morning started like most other mornings. A.R. was preparing for today’s work, testing electronic instruments on of one of his client’s jets. But, the daily prep talk over the phone with his boss took an unexpected turn.

– ”Peter called in sick today, you gotta take care of his task to diagnose a mechanical problem once you’re out there.”
– ”What! You know I don’t know mechanics?!”
– ”No problem, George will guide you.”

page-follower-2Ok, that made him feel a bit better. A.R. realized he was going to be guided online, using the company’s new solution for remote guidance. He had tried it once before and felt reassured he would make it without a problem if George talked – and showed – him through the procedures.

page-follower-3He started up the software and put on his online goggles. Now he was ready, standing by to receive instructions from George, the company’s aircraft mechanic expert. ”OK, let’s go”, he heard George say while signaling ’thumbs up’, a gesture clearly visible, live, in A.R.’s field of view.