Getting started

How to Start a call

You could either start a call by calling a Contact or create a Call link. To call a contact, you chose a contact within your contact list.
If you like to connect with someone that does not have an XMReality account you can then connect in a web call by creating a Call link.

To connect with someone that does not have an XMReality account you can create a Call link.

Press the 3 dots and choses Create Call link. Then add Recipient name and press Create link. If using your phone you chose to Share link either by SMS or another preferred channel. If using The windows Client or Web guide station you could share the call link via SMS, directly from the tool by using XMReality’s SMS service.

In-app Remote guidance features

Have a look at this video to get an introduction of some of the features within XMReality Enterprise edition.

How to make a Group call

multi participant call

A group call is always initiated by first starting a regular call, then inviting participants. It is not possible to invite multiple participants before the call. Up to five participants can be in a Remote Guidance Call.

  1. Open the participant list by tapping the button in the top right corner on Mobile. On Windows, click “Show Options” in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Add participant
  3. Select Call XMReality User if you want to add a XMReality user to the call. If you want to add a participant that is not a registered XMReality user use Invite by Link, this option will create a Call Link that when opened will allow the recipient to join the call from their web browser.

How to create Hands overlay from mobile

hands overlay on mobile device

The Hands overlay feature allows you you to provide rich, natural, intuitive instructions using your hands.

When in a call, the Hands overlay feature is activated in the tools menu. Before activating the Hands overlay make sure you have access to an evenly colored surface, for example a wall or floor. Point the camera towards the evenly colored surface and place your hand in between. The app will separate your hand from the background and overlay it on the top on the video stream from the other user.

How to create Hand overlay from Windows client


The Hands Overlay feature allows you to provide rich, natural, and intuitive instructions using your hands and other objects. It allows you to show how complex actions are performed, point and give directions that are much more effective that with only voice and video.

The XMReality Pointpad provides the best experience when using Hands overlay on a Windows device. To use Hands overlay on your desktop you first need to connect & configure your Pointpad to your Windows client  or Web guide station.

Enable the Hands overlay feature in the option bar to the left. Place your hand in between the back surface of the Pointpad and the top-mounted Pointpad camera to show it to the other person.

Configure a Pointpad on Windows Client

This section describes how to configure the Pointpad for first use.

  1. Make sure the Pointpad’s USB cable is connected to your computer.
  2. Make sure to turn on the Pointpad’s built-in LED light.
  3. Select the Pointpad’s camera in the Camera dropdown menu.
  4. Change the camera’s Type to Pointpad
  5. Click Calibrate Pointpad Camera and follow the on-screen instructions.

The Pointpad is now ready to use. The Pointpad is enabled in a call by selecting the Hands Overlay option in the options menu in the call.

How to get started with Windows client

Download the latest Windows version here:

Within the Windows client you can use following settings in the navigation bar:

Profile and Log-out — In the top-left corner your own initials and online status is displayed. Clicking this area will allow you to log out, change settings or report an issue.

Video Setup — Clicking the Video Setup icon will take you to the video setup tab, which is where you adjust camera quality settings, configure the XMReality Pointpad and XMReality Smart Glasses, and it is also where you will reach the audio device settings.

Call Link — The Call Link tab allows you to create a Call Link which enables anyone to call you on XMReality without using the app.

How to get started with Web guide station

To use Remote guidance web guide station you visit and login in with your existing Enterprise account. After logging in, you can send a Call link to connect to anyone by sending a Call link via SMS. Enter any information about the recepient in the field “Recipient” such as ticket number or customer number. When the counterpart presses the call, a call will be placed towards your browser and a web call will be initiated. Remember not to close the browser tab to be able to be called.

Supported browsers: Google chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari

User management and Statistics

You can administrate your domain by going to if you are a Domain admin. Within the portal you can Add users, Change user roles, analyze statistics and export call data.
You can also find a complete Administrator manual for Portal if you’re logged into the web portal.


Are you looking for software downloads, please follow this link: Cross link to Downloading page