In this FAQ we have gathered useful information for users, administrators and buyers.  The FAQ is devided into: General, Enterprise Edition and Business Edition

XMReality Remote Guidance™ is a communication tool that lets you see through someone else’s eyes and guide them with your own hands – as if you were there. Remote Guidance™ is built on AR technology to provide our unique hands overlay guidance and includes several features that allows you to interact easier with your counterpart, such as; pointer, drawings, screen sharing, etc. Read more about features here:

You can call anyone! You can easily connect to people within and outside of your organization even if they do not have our app installed. First, send them a “Call Link” and immediately begin your Remote Guidance session over a mobile devices web browser, without the need for the other person to download or install anything! If you would like to call someone from outside of your organization that you know have an XMReality account, you can add them as a contact in your contact list.

A ‘Call Link’ allows anyone who clicks on it to start a Remote Guidance call with you. You can send this link through different channels such as SMS, Email or Teams for example.  The recipient does not need to have an account, they don’t need to install anything, nor do they have to enter any information to start the call. In other words, all they need is to open the link on a modern mobile device web browser. When they then tap the ‘Call Link’ they will be asked to allow access to the camera and microphone. Once that’s done, they just tap the call button and your device will ring. Finally, at the moment you accept the call, their camera will be streamed to your screen and you can start guiding them.


XMReality is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, which means that you can start using it immediately after purchase. XMReality runs in a highly reliable and secure cloud to ensure that the service is always available and no one else can eardrop on you or your calls. 

Yes, XMReality provides federated login and SSO authentication for users and admins. Let us know if you want to know more! 

XMReality provides best business impact when integrated well with your tech stack. XMReality provides robust APIs, and all Enterprise customers get access to our API’s. In addition, you can also request a custom integration with your specific tools and applications. Firstly, we will need more information as to the expected user and data behaviors in order to design and build the optimal user experience.

XMReality Remote guidance can be used as long as you have a network connection. This means that the software will automatically scale parameters such as resolution, frame rate and degree of compression up and down based on the estimated network conditions.

XMReality is a European company, based in Sweden. Companies that use the software Remote guidance have complete ownership and control over all data and content published with the software. We are compliant to the GDPR regulation that came into effect on May 1st, 2018 for all European Companies.

XMReality product tiers supports different devices, please find a comparison below:

Supported devices Business Edition Enterprise
Mobile app x x
Windows guide station x
Web guide station x
Pointpad compatibility x
Smartglasses compability RealWear HMT-1,
Vuzix M4000,
Iristick G1, H1
HoloLens 2

Troubleshooting – what does my error message mean?

This  means that all your Seats are currently occupied and that there is no free license for you to use, or there are no Seats added to your Pool in the web portal. You need to either wait for one of your colleagues to log out or ask your Domain administrator to free up a seat for you. This can be done from the

This means your user account has been disabled, you need to speak with an administrator and ask them to enable your account again. This could be done by Domain administrators from the

The most common cause for not being able to connect a call is issues with the network. If you are using a corporate computer or network, try using  your phone as a mobile hotspot and connect to that network or your home network. This way, you can see if the issue is happening because of restrictions in your corporate network or not.

If you’re not able to figure it out, feel free to reach out to and we will help you out.

This means that your IT department doesn’t allow you to install new applications without an administrator giving approval. To solve this, you need to speak with someone from your IT department so they can install the application for you.

Could you not find the answer on your question?

Please reach out to or call our support at +46 (0) 13 21 11 10

For GDPR questions please email

You can report an issue directly from your application (either from Mobile device or Computer).


Mobile device

You could also email