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NIBE Energy Systems is part of the listed global NIBE Group and offers a wide range of products for intelligent, energy-efficient indoor climate comfort, including heating, air conditioning, heat recovery, ventilation and water heating for homes, apartment blocks and commercial properties. Most solutions are based on recovering renewable energy from soil, rock, sun, water or air that contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and better utilization of energy.

From their central Service Desk in Markaryd Sweden, NIBE helpdesk experts empower thousands of field service technicians from across the Nordics and Europe to fix faster, simpler and smarter – with a new Remote Guidance solution that dissolves distance and delivers instant learning.

We spoke with NIBE Energy Systems Berry Christensson, After Sales Service Manager, about how they use XMReality Remote Guidance to take their service to the next level. Download the Success story now!

Download and learn how NIBE helpdesk is improving their services with XMReality

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About XMReality Remote Guidance™
XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled knowledge sharing tool that lets you communicate with gestures, speech, chat and pointers with someone in a completely different location.

With Remote Guidance you can:

Connect quickly & easily using call-links
Regardless of whether the recipient receives the link via email, SMS, or some other means, they simply open it in their browser, and click “Start Remote Guidance” to call you directly. They don’t need to install the app and you don’t have to set up a user account for them.
Use a unique Hands-Overlay technology
The customer simply points their phone or mobile device’s camera at the problem and you can with gestures, drawing-on-screen, or other tools show them what to do, step-by-step.
Integrate through APIs
Integrate XMReality Remote Guidance directly with your own system through APIs to receive maximum benefit of data.

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