Minebea Intec take their service to the next level

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Minebea Intec shows that their customers can always rely on the company – especially in such turbulent times, supporting their customers with the innovative service tool miRemote , using XMReality’s augmented reality technology. See video below!

Minebea Intec use their own branded version of XMReality Remote Guidance – miRemote. On a news release, Global Service Product Manager at Minebea Intec, Michael Tappe says,

“We are now able to make our service accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. This intuitive tool helps reduce or prevent disruptions, while simultaneously increasing the technical availability of systems and devices”

It therefore forms part of a consistent prevention strategy. Service technicians can provide support with process steps from their location and assist users by pointing or using visual movements.

At the moment, it is not always possible to send out one of their experts on site: Personal contact is not always possible, access to production lines may be restricted or require time-consuming paperwork. With miRemote , Minebea Intec offers a service tool which overcomes geographical boundaries by using an internet connection for direct video-communication with the user: The miRemote-app uses the camera of the device it is installed on and transmits a direct video feed from the user to the service-experts. Thus, the experts sees the same as the user and can provide detailed instructions how to remedy the problems.

The miRemote service tool bridges the gap between preventive servicing and corrective maintenance and therefore forms part of a consistent prevention and maintenance strategy:

  • Fast and qualified recording of the actual situation
  • Straightforward recording of necessary service measures
  • Targeted selection of necessary spare parts
  • Increases the efficiency of service call-outs
  • Helps detect and correct operating errors

In these tough and demanding times of Covid 19, Minebea Intec´s service tool miRemote offers direct service whenever and wherever it needs: On site and right now! See how on the video below!


About XMReality Remote Guidance™
XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled knowledge sharing tool that lets you communicate with gestures, speech, chat and pointers with someone in a completely different location.

With Remote Guidance you can:

Connect quickly & easily using call-links
Regardless of whether the recipient receives the link via email, SMS, or some other means, they simply open it in their browser, and click “Start Remote Guidance” to call you directly. They don’t need to install the app and you don’t have to set up a user account for them.
Use a unique Hands-Overlay technology
The customer simply points their phone or mobile device’s camera at the problem and you can with gestures, drawing-on-screen, or other tools show them what to do, step-by-step.
Integrate through APIs
Integrate XMReality Remote Guidance directly with your own system through APIs to receive maximum benefit of data.

Contact us if you want to learn more about how XMReality Remote Guidance™ can help you.

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