ABB Power Grids in Brazil are raising the game with XMReality Remote Guidance

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We spoke to ABB Power Grid’s Eduardo Zuim about how they use XMReality Remote Guidance to take sales and support to the next level.


ABB Power Grids offers power and automation products, systems, service and software solutions across the generation, transmission and distribution value chain. ABB pioneered HVDC technology more than 60 years ago and is responsible for around half the world’s HVDC installed base. ABB is the world’s largest maker of transformers and a technology and market leader in high-voltage products and substation solutions, pushing voltages to record levels.

Eduardo works out of ABB Power Grid’s Sao Paulo office, dealing primarily with the HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) and FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission) market. ABB Power Grids Brazil first heard of XMReality’s augmented reality-driven solution through ABB Sweden and realized that it had enormous potential within their own region.

Challenges & Solutions

ABB Power Grids Brazil’s first deployment of XMReality’s Remote Guidance solution was to a customer in May 2018. Among the various attractions was the ability to use augmented reality glasses, allowing support technicians to ‘see what the customer sees’ in an intuitive, hands-free format. While Remote Guidance is designed to function seamlessly through a mobile device, with hands-overlay, pointer, and additional guiding tools, this extra hardware functionality was a big selling point for ABB’s customers.

Before XMReality we had voice-only support – we couldn’t see what the customer saw. That made it much more complicated to solve problems. It took much more time

A significant proportion of ABB’s FACTS division deals with electricity sub-stations – hugely complex industrial installations with myriad switch-gear, screens, and interfaces. Prior to partnering with XMReality, ABB had been restricted to voice only support, reliant upon the customer to explain what they saw in front of them – a challenging job with a huge array of superficially similar hardware. By deploying AR glasses, this was made much more straightforward, reducing the possibility of linguistic or explanatory error.


Eduardo and his team have noticed huge benefits since deploying the solution. Response times are radically reduced, with two key benefits – not only is there a financial impact for the customer (reduced downtime and increased productivity), but ABB is also able to demonstrate their technological credibility and include the solution as part of their sales value proposition, maintaining their reputation for cutting edge – and reliable – technology.

We have a really good relationship with XMReality – we are really, really satisfied. Good support from the sales team, good, fast response from the technical support team

In addition, it’s become possible to provide expert advice and support at times when it might otherwise prove difficult to do so, for example at weekends or outside conventional support hours. As Eduardo remarks, “It’s bizarre just how many problems seem to occur on the weekend!” 

What’s next

Going forward, ABB Power Grids has ambitious local plans for expansion, highlighting another potential benefit in the Remote Guidance solution. One of the chief barriers to successfully deploying service and support is language – it’s often the case that the most qualified expert might be based in, say, Sweden, whereas the technician needing support might be in Brazil. As such, there is potential for a linguistic disconnect, with it being distinctly unlikely that a Swede will have a good grasp of technical Portuguese. 

By supplementing the voice interaction with intuitive, visual guidance, it becomes that much easier to identify and solve problems, since the power of hand gestures transcends language.  

You can learn more about how hands-overlay technology can help eliminate language barriers here

XMReality Remote Guidance lets ABB leverage their huge global pool of expertise on a regional and local level, eliminating barriers of distance and language. As Eduardo concludes:

We’re having a great time with the tool. The app is easy to handle – easy to explain to customers. The feedback has been really good. The relationship (with XMReality) is in a really good place and there’s a lot of potential for market expansion


This interview is also available as PDF. You can download it here.


About XMReality Remote Guidance™
XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled knowledge sharing tool that lets you communicate with gestures, speech, chat and pointers with someone in a completely different location.

With Remote Guidance you can:

Connect quickly & easily using call-links
Regardless of whether the recipient receives the link via email, SMS, or some other means, they simply open it in their browser, and click “Start Remote Guidance” to call you directly. They don’t need to install the app and you don’t have to set up a user account for them.
Use a unique Hands-Overlay technology
The customer simply points their phone or mobile device’s camera at the problem and you can with gestures, drawing-on-screen, or other tools show them what to do, step-by-step.
Integrate through APIs
Integrate XMReality Remote Guidance directly with your own system through APIs to receive maximum benefit of data.

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