Our solution

XMReality’s solution for remote guidance centers around our augmented reality-based software. The software supports a range of hardware devices that can be used in different combinations to make your work easy and efficient.

Equip your people with the right appliances depending on their need for guiding and following – from using their own ordinary cell phones to using our guiding set in combination with smart glasses and a rugged tablet casing.

The solution supports a truly flexible way of working with remote guidance.There is no fixed way of working. Any of your employees can be either guide or follower, depending on their expertise and on the task at hand.

Who was just a follower can the next minute be guiding people in a different part of the world, and vice versa. Once they get the hang of it, your people will be able to proactively assist each other, equipped with our software and appliances of their choice.

Reduced travel costs

The most immediate benefit is reduced travel costs. Experts will no longer need to travel, or can reduce travelling substantially, in order to carry out field service or provide support to service engineers in the field. This leads to efficiency improvements that will potentially mean major cost savings.

Improved service quality

When colleagues are able to assist each other hands on, service work can be carried out more efficiently and with higher quality. Remote guidance helps you capitalize more on your company’s combined expertise, allowing experts to support several employees from a central location.

Remote guidance will increase the general skills level of your service people as field service personnel will be “learning by doing”, guided in real time, increasing their competency faster than through theoretical learning and trial and error alone.

Increased brand value

Adopting remote guidance from XMReality helps improve your company’s brand value. It is a progressive approach to adopting new technology, capitalizing maximally on your human resources and caring for your employees’ wish to improve their competence, reduce their traveling time and balance their lives.

New sales opportunities

Adding remote guidance to your offering, your company will open sales channels to new markets. It will be easier to sell your products to previously unexplored markets, including remote locations otherwise non-accessible, developing countries, politically troubled regions, etc.

Cleverly implemented, remote guidance can truly change your company, resulting in tangible operational improvements, cost savings and revenue increases.