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Electrolux continues to invest in technology from XMReality

“In order to increase first visit completion and customer satisfaction, Electrolux decided to enable remote assistance solution for its field technicians across Europe. XMReality solution clearly appeared to us as the best solution in the area, especially the hand overlay feature which makes the support extremely intuitive and easy.” Jean-Noel Thibault, Digital Transformation Director, Electrolux Major Appliances, EMEA

”The order is a strong indicator on the large potential in our offering within field service operations for Swedish and International manufacturing company groups. It is yet another proof of the success of the new generation of XMReality Remote Guidance and that we strengthen our market leading position within Remote Guidance, says Johan Castevall, CEO of XMReality.

The order increase revenues by 0,7 MSEK and the XMReality Remote Guidance solution will be implemented at several European business units within Electrolux. In all of them the use case is to improve field service operations and knowledge sharing. The order includes XMReality Remote Guidance Software™, XMReality Point-pad™ and smart glasses. The revenues will be recognized during 2018.

Electrolux has been a customer to XMReality since November 2017 and after an initial technical pre-study the XMReality Remote Guidance is now rolled out within several European business units.

XMReality appoints new CSO (Chief Sales Officer) – Marcin Szymanski

XMReality has in the latter part of 2017 seen an increasing interest from both new and existing customers, which has resulted in several new deals. The great interest in the new software platform, XMReality Generation 6, has generated several important contract negotiations which places additional demands on the sales organization.

”Marcin has a solid experience of managing software sales organizations approaching new market segments and he has a profound understanding of manufacturing companies. He has got an impressive track record of increasing software sales to large global companies. Marcin will have an important role within our growing organization,” says Johan Castevall, CEO, XMReality.

“I am both proud and happy to be part of XMReality. XMReality has a really strong product offering and I am excited to be part of the future growth of the company,” says Marcin Szymanski, currently Business Unit Manager Mobility at iStone.

Marcin will assume the position of CSO as of April 2, 2018.

Haas Group signs agreement to extend partnership with XMReality

Haas Group has signed additional orders to include XMReality Remote Guidance in its customer offering. The delivery will take place during the remaining part of 2017 and 2018. Total order value during 2017 approx. 0,5 MSEK recognized during 2017 and 2018.

“Haas is offering Remote Guidance to customers, accomplishing tasks on Haas equipment in close collaboration between customer’s staff and Haas’ customer support.” Says Timo Weider, Head of Service Haas Group.

Haas Group has been a customer for about one year. Haas has successfully ramped up the usage of the XMReality Remote Guidance technology and solution and has decided to start to offer the XMReality Remote guidance solution to its customer.

”We are proud to be a partner to Haas, together delivering market leading end-customer solutions for field service. XMReality highly values existing customer relationships and the extension of our relation to Haas is a proof of the potential to scale within existing customer base. Our existing customers consists of some of the worlds largest- and leading companies”, says Johan Castevall, CEO of XMReality.

The highly specialized Austrian Haas Group supplies state-of-the-art lines, machinery and services to manufacturers in the wafer, biscuit, confectionery and dairy industries worldwide. Haas brands include Franz Haas wafer machines; Franz Haas CFT cone and waffle machines; Haas-Meincke machines and plants for biscuit and cake production and Haas-Mondomix mixing, kneading, aerating and depositing equipment.

The orders include XMReality Remote Guidance™ software, XMReality Point-Pad™ and smart glasses.

International Industrial Group continues to invest in XMReality Remote Guidance™

”Over the last couple of months, the activities centered around XMReality Remote Guidance has intensified within the industrial company group. The expansion to additional business units is proof of our capability to build long-lasting, strategic relations with some of the world’s most important companies. Our global customer base is an important platform for future growth”, says Johan Castevall, CEO of XMReality.

The industrial company group has been a customer to XMReality for a period of time and XMReality Remote Guidance is now in use by three business units. In all three of them, the use cases are built around improvement of the customer’s field service operation and knowledge sharing. The orders include XMReality Remote Guidance™ software, XMReality Point-Pad™ and smart glasses.

Total order value during 2017 approx. 0,7 MSEK recognized during 2017 and 2018.

XMReality signs order worth 0,6 MSEK from US defense company

XMReality has signed an order to improve the field service operations and plant for an US defense company. The order includes XMReality Remote Guidance™ Software, XMReality Point-Pad™ and smart glasses.

”This is yet another proof of the expertise and knowledge we have within solutions for field service operations. We have seen clear signs of growing interest for our solutions in the Nordics and internationally and this is example of growing interest also outside Europe”, says Johan Castevall, CEO of XMReality.

The order will increase revenues by 0,6 MSEK, of which most will be recognized during 2018.

Ready for Field Service Europe

XMReality COO Henrik Krohn and Account Manager Victor Stern is prepared to demonstrate XMReality Generation 6 in Amsterdam December 6 – 8.

”We expect to have a lot of visits to our booth #19 this year, it is after all the first time we are demonstrating our new software at a trade show”, says Henrik. ”XMReality Generation 6 has been updated with an entirely new user interface, as well as a lot of new cool functionality. We are also offering to do a XMReality Remote Guidance ROI calculation to visiting attendees”, concludes Victor.

XMReality launches next generation of XMReality Remote Guidance™

Today, XMReality launches the sixth generation of its XMReality Remote Guidance software, which further strengthens the company’s position within knowledge sharing through augmented reality (AR). The new version has been updated with an entirely new user interface for more efficient usage and speedier connectivity. New features in Generation 6 include phone-to-phone communication, which was not previously possible and is further proof that the software is hardware independent.

Summary of new features in XMReality Remote Guidance Generation 6:
● Entirely new user interface for more efficient usage
● Phone-to-phone communication
● Flexibility to change between guidance mode, viewing mode, overlapping with finger and pointer mode and more
● Addition of team concept to facilitate knowledge sharing and team collaboration
● Simplified license management with self-service for easy tasks
● Standardized protocols and encryption to suit common business policies
● KPI tools so that the customer can track progress and ROI

“We are very proud to present the sixth generation of XMReality Remote Guidance. It features several new functions but also a fantastic user experience,” says Johan Castevall, CEO at XMReality. “Our vision has been to ensure that all users will enjoy and will want to use our product. Our main focus has been to make it even easier to use. Together with new tools for analysis and statistics, we are allowing our customers to become even more efficient.”
“We see great opportunities in the new version of the XMReality Remote Guidance software, which will open up new opportunities for us to improve our internal knowledge transfer as well as with our customers. Digitization and Industry 4.0 is a high priority for us at Bosch Rexroth and we have many ongoing projects to realize it. We are actively working to find new collaborative tools within our service organization and we are always looking to find new ways to provide better service to our customers. The solution from XMReality is a very important piece of that jigsaw,” says Christer Eberger, Sales Service Machinery Applications and Engineering Field Service at Bosch Rexroth.

XMReality extends international collaboration with Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

The order includes XMReality Point Pad and smart glasses for remote knowledge sharing.

”Digitalization in global corporations is a high priority among our customers. As Siemens is a strategic customer for XMReality, we are very pleased that they have chosen to extend the use of our solution to include even more of their international service units. This is yet another clear indication of the great potential that XMReality Remote Guidance offers”, said Johan Castevall, CEO, XMReality.

The order entails an increase in hardware-related revenue of SEK 500,000, which will be recognized during 2017 as the project is delivered.

XMReality appoints Per Unell as CTO

”We will soon be releasing a new generation of our software and services, which opens entirely new opportunities for our customers to streamline and develop their business processes with the help of AR. We are expanding our management team and welcome Per Unell,” said Johan Castevall, CEO, XMReality. “Per will contribute significantly to XMReality’s continued growth through his solid experience of customer-centric product development, a profound understanding of technology, and his track record of attracting strategic partners from Ericsson and Sectra, among others.”

“I am both proud and happy to be part of XMReality. I am convinced that AR will revolutionize many industries, including service and maintenance. XMReality is a leader in its segment, so when I was asked to join the company, the answer was self-evident,” said Per Unell.

Per Unell will assume the position of CTO as of January 1, 2018.

XMReality strengthens the management team with an experienced COO

XMReality has appointed a COO with experience from Motorola, Sogeti and CGI.

“There is an increasing international interest in our company and our solutions. We continue to execute according to our growth strategy and are strengthening the cooperation with our global customers. We are excited to have Henrik joining our team. His documented business acumen, long-term experience from working with global customers and solid management background will be valuable to our organization”, says Johan Castevall.

“I believe XMReality is a really exciting company. I am thrilled and motivated to get the opportunity to actively contribute to the continued development of the company. I am both humble and excited to start working for XMReality”, says Henrik Krohn.

Henrik is starting October 1st 2017.

XMReality prepares to launch a comprehensive upgrade of its XMReality Remote Guidance™ software, which uses augmented reality (AR) for knowledge sharing

During the year, XMReality has comprehensively updated its XMReality Remote Guidance software, which can be used with smart glasses, iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. The new version includes a range of new functions and interfaces that make it easier and more convenient to use.

The new version is expected to be launched toward the end of 2017.

“With our new version of XMReality Remote Guidance we will be launching the most scalable remote knowledge sharing software via Augmented Reality. We have created a product that is even easier to install and use on a variety of devices, such as laptops, smartphones, pads, and, not least, smart glasses,” said Johan Castevall, CEO, XMReality AB.

“We are seeing a growing interest in AR as a critical piece of the jigsaw for companies wanting to digitalize operations. With this powerful new version, we continue to deliver and offer leading solutions to new and existing users. We are also very pleased that a growing number of global technology companies such as Google and Microsoft are investing in the development of new smart glasses. As these companies are moving into the market and delivering hardware, it enables us to benefit from the strongly increasing demand for software and services related to AR,” Johan Castevall, CEO, XMReality AB, concluded.

Atlas Copco Rock Drills extends its cooperation with XMReality

Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB has expanded its collaboration with XMReality in order to continue to streamline its field service.
The engineering company has been a customer of XMReality for just over two years, and continues to streamline its field service by including the XMReality Remote Guidance™ in additional Swedish and international service units. The customer is already using XMReality’s guide station, XMReality Point Pad™ and XMReality’s smart glasses for remote knowledge sharing.
“Our vision is to continue to be the foremost innovator with the best support in the industry. We are always looking for new opportunities and tools to achieve our visions and goals. We are having our customer in focus, and Remote Guidance enables us to better support them with rapid and high-quality service. The ever-increasing demands for efficiency makes it important for us to work together with our partners to find new solutions for the future”, says Patrick Ericsson, Global Manager Technical Service Operations, Mining and Rock Excavation Service, MRS
“Our software is easy to install on different hardware platforms such as laptops, smart phones and tablets. In addition, many customers choose to use smart glasses that give a wide field of view and enables hands-free work. The hardware choice is tailored towards the company’s needs”, says Johan Castevall, CEO of XMReality.
“The extended cooperation with this global engineering group shows that our solution is very flexible and competitive, it enables our customers to provide world-class remote field service. We are proud that yet another large global company chose to deepen their cooperation with us”, concludes John Castevall, CEO of XMReality.

Augmented reality enables new business opportunities to manufacturing industry

Excerpt from Lönsam Industri June 9, 2017. Read a translated version below:

XMReality Remote Guidance™, based on Augmented Reality (AR), offers an effective tool for field service engineers.

When the customer service department at Norden Machinery receives an alarm from a customer site about machinery fault, the organization springs into action. The tube filling systems manufactured by the Kalmar-based company are of complex design and require specialist skills to troubleshoot and repair.

“Our clients are located all over the world, manufacturing anything from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and heavy machinery. Some clients make as many as 1,000 tubes per minute, where each minute of downtime can result in significant financial loss,” says Christer Bäck, Customer Service Manager at Norden Machinery.

Intuitive solutions

The company has experienced strong global demand for support services, but finding right skill locally is difficult. To Norden Machinery, XMReality Remote Guidance is a valuable tool, enabling its service staff to guide each other without being physically on site. Behind the solution is Linköping-based company XMReality.

Adapted to requirements

XMReality, with its background in the Swedish Defense Research Agency, and its long industrial experience, provides solutions that combine efficient technology with ease-of-use.

“Our software can be easily installed on different hardware platforms, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. Additionally, many users opt for the smart glasses that offer a wide field of view and let the user work with both hands free. The choice of hardware is based on the needs of the company,” says Niklas Rengfors, sales director at XMReality.

Improved support services

Common applications within the manufacturing industry include field service and aftermarket service, as well as training. Reduced travel costs, an improved service offering and a higher skill level within the company are some of the advantages that XMReality’s customers testify to.

Powerful support

To Norden Machinery, XMReality’s solution means that Norden Machinery’s service personnel in Kalmar can see and hear exactly what the customer and the service engineer see and hear on the other side of the world, with video and audio in real time.

“This means we are not dependent on having specialist skills on site, while still being able to deliver the support our customers expect from us. Our engineers can also be confident they have powerful support with backup that is always there for them,” says Christer Bäck.

XMReality participating at the 4:th annual Field Service Forum, meet us next week in Amsterdam!

FSF 2017 promises to address challenges faced by service directors across the manufacturing world and to open up a dialogue between tech innovators and end-users on which solutions serve their needs the best.
XMReality is participating for the 3:rd year in a row and will both exhibit and host demo sessions related to how Augmented Reality Remote Guidance will bring value to your service organization.

We look forward to meeting you at the event!

Read more and download the agenda here.

XMReality expands its offering with IFS Field Service Management™ integration

Linköping, Sweden ”XMReality AB (publ), a leading developer of augmented reality (AR) solutions, announces a new integration between XMReality Remote Guidance™ and IFS Field Service Management that lets IFS customers connect to an expert, anywhere in the world, who can guide them through the task at hand using AR with hands overlay.

Through the IFS integration, a work order is automatically generated by a connected product in the field and dispatched to a technician, who uses their mobile device to connect with a remote expert who can support the job execution in real time. Using AR, the solution leverages human-to-human interaction, to drive efficiency and boost first-time fix rates.

“The integration with a first-class service platform such as IFS Field Service Management expands our offering to encompass a wider market. This type of collaboration is important to accelerate our future growth,” says Johan Castevall, CEO of XMReality.

“We want to provide the best field service management solutions on the market. To do this, we must stay innovative, which is why we team up with exciting companies like XMReality. Our goal is to create better value for our customers, helping them grow their long-term service revenue”, says Olle Alvemark, Industry Director, Manufacturing, IFS in Scandinavia.

Learn more about the cooperation by viewing this video:

XMReality expands product offering with AR glasses from ODG

XMReality has signed a reselling contract with Osterhout Design Group (ODG), a world-leading Augmented Reality (AR) hardware producer. The cooperation is in line with our strategy to complement our offering with a selection of third party smart glasses.

“This agreement strengthens our remote guidance offering. By expanding our hardware portfolio with smart glasses from ODG we give our customers even greater freedom to select which hardware they wish to use.” says Johan Castevall, CEO XMReality.

More information about the product:

XMReality AB (Publ) is now publically listed on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange

”It has been an exciting journey and this is an important milestone. Our listing on Nasdaq First North means that we are creating a good platform for future growth and expansion.” says Johan Castevall, CEO XMRealilty

“We welcome XMReality to our European growth market, Nasdaq First North,” said Adam Kostyál, SVP and Head of European listings at Nasdaq. “XMReality operates in an innovative and exciting field, and we look forward to supporting them on their continued journey as a publicly traded company.”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Castevall, CEO XMReality
Telephone: +46 (0)73 356 04 81

XMReality exhibits at Field Service USA

The service business is going through dramatic changes, transforming from a cost-centric and reactive activity to a proactive service offering, with high profit margin, as companies try to lock in their customers with long service contracts. But what is the impact on the field engineers’ job, with customer expectations continually rising while the business keeps globalizing? Join us next week in Palm springs where 700+ field service professionals will share, network, discuss and benchmark within the following three key areas: Field Engineers, Process and Technology

Read more and register for the event here.

Bosch Rexroth uses XMReality augmented reality to help with maintenance

In this video from Fluid Power World, take a tour through Bosch Rexroth’s Hägglunds Insight Live service, which uses XMReality Remote Guidance solution based on augmented reality to give customers access to a Bosch Rexroth service expert easily, without delay, travel or high costs. Using either a smart phone or a head-mounted camera and headphones, a Bosch Rexroth expert can directly connect to the maintenance team, troubleshoot, adjust settings, and help personnel perform emergency tasks.

Link to video

XMReality meets with Service and Support Executives in Amsterdam at Field Service Europe

From 29/11 to 1/12 Field service executives are getting together at the Field Service Europe event in Amsterdam.
Take the opportunity to meet and discuss innovation, progression and network with peers in the area of service and support.
XMReality will be available to discuss how you are able to improve your field service with augmented reality Remote Guidance. Meet us in the exhibit area.

Read more

Many thanks to all participants at our User Conference!

Together with our customers and partners we had two great days at Rimforsa Strand, outside of Linköping. We had the opportunity to listen to some really interesting stories from our customers and partners and we all learned a lot about how our solution is being used and about the potential for the future. We are looking forward to working with all of you and create value for the end customer!


Meet with XMReality and partners at the Aftermarket conference, Wiesbaden 19-21:th October

Customer expectations and behaviors are changing rapidly. The need for flexible and customizable solutions offers manufacturers the opportunity to create more “performance partner” types of relationships. But this requires a shift in mentality and perception, to ensure your organization has the internal commitment to invest in the right people and the best-fit technologies to grow. Above topics will be discussed during the conference.

XMReality with our augmented reality solution for Remote Guidance will show you how you can increase the efficiency of your organization while developing new service concepts to improve the service to your customers.

Come meet with us to discuss how this would fit into your organization.

Link to Aftermarket event

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XMReality at Scanautomatic & Process Technology, Gothenburg October 4-6:th

Scanautomatic and Process Technology is Scandinavia´s largest trade show for the future of automation and process technology.
Meet with XMReality, the pioneer, taking augmented reality into a real value added for the industry. Try our remote guidance solution live, including smart glasses. Let’s meet and discuss how XMReality can create value also for your organization.
Welcome to booth B02:66

Million order to XMReality – enabling Remote Guidance at sea with Augmented Reality


Professional engineering support for ships at sea, with the help of augmented reality, is now possible following the purchase of ten remote guidance systems by a major marine equipment manufacturer from technology company XMReality. The order value is SEK 1,2 million (130,000).

This is a breakthrough order for us, as this represents a large number of systems for a single customer. It is also a breakthrough into the marine industry, a market for which this technology is ideal. Marine equipment is often difficult to service, as ship-owners want the stay in port as short as possible. Our technology helps improve their return on investment, as equipment can now be serviced with professional support while the ship is at sea, says XMReality´s CEO Johan Castevall.

The equipment manufacturer behind the order has a large installed base on ships around the world. Using remote guidance technology, it will now launch a new maintenance programme for its users, enabling assistance onboard while the ship is at sea. For the end user, this means better maintenance support, resulting in less downtime. It also means better use of engineering resources, as maintenance can be carried out more frequently and at times of the crew’s choosing.

With XMReality’s technology, the engineer onboard receives advice on troubleshooting and maintenance over a live feed, working just as if the expert from the equipment manufacturer was at his side. The engineer interacts in real time with the expert back at base, which could be on the other side of the world, using audio and video communication. The instructor has access to all the relevant data and can guide the engineer onboard in real time to solve the issue at hand.

Begin here! The instructor can give detailed instructions over the live feed.
Begin here! The instructor can give detailed instructions over the live feed.

Using a pair of smart glasses, the operator is free to move around and can use both hands while receiving instructions. By watching and following the instructor’s movements, gestures and and graphical indicators, using hand tools and advanced equipment, the assistance enables the engineer to carry out service with assistance delivered remotely, online and in real time.

Augmented reality (AR) is a concept where graphics is combined with live data to provide an enhanced video stream. The technology is similar to virtual reality (VR) but with the crucial difference that it provides support for two-way communication using video, audio and graphics.




XMReality XMReality serves a global industrial segment with solutions for efficient field service.  The solutions help customers perform services faster, more cost-effectively and with higher quality. XMReality world-leading companies in Remote Guidance, revolutionizing knowledge sharing by using Augmented Reality


XMReality Remote Guidance now available to millions of Android users

Google PlayThe XMReality Remote Guidance app is now available for Android, enabling users to access the software using a wide variety of devices. Smart phones and tablets from giants such as Samsung, Huawei and LG can now be used as tools for staff performing field service.

“This opens a large market for XMReality”, says CEO Johan Castevall. “Groups of users within our existing customer base have tested and realized the potential of having a wide variety of devices to choose from.”

The benefits of having the XMReality Remote Guidance software available on many devices include:

  • Staff without advanced training can easily perform relatively complex field service tasks, providing there is access to a device running Android OS and a field engineer using the XMReality software at the other end
  • Urgent service needs can be quickly addressed using the nearest Android device available, eliminating the need to look for the dedicated hardware.

The software can be downloaded from Google Play; search for XMReality or click here. Username and password are required to use the app*.

Visit to learn more about the solution.

A version for IOS will be launched later this year.

*) The app is primarily for XMReality customers and you need pre-existing set of credentials in order to use XMReality Remote Guidance.

Futura Partners with XMReality to Further Improve Futura’s Procare Service-Solutions with Augmented Reality

Futura, a leading global supplier of tissue converting lines, provides its customers with a comprehensive set of service solutions in order to best manage their Futura assets. Since tissue manufacturers and converters are spread globally to be close to the markets they serve, most of Futura’s machines are located in places far removed from Futura’s global service centres.

“Despite offering our customers a variety of integrated communications tools,” declares Alessandro Viani, Futura’s Procare Manger, “we still lacked the capability of visually seeFuturaing a customer’s problem or visually guiding a customer to a solution without physically traveling to an often remote site.”

“At XMReality we spend our entire existence making it easier and more efficient to service remote assets,” states Niklas Rengfors, XMReality’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Indeed, XMReality’s augmented reality solution allows a technical expert at any of Futura’s service centres to see what a remote individual sees and to provide that individual with visual instructions required to solve the problem at hand. The tools delivered by XMReality to enable such seemingly futuristic customer interaction are actually quite simple to use and only consist of Futura’s Protablet and an optional set of industrial XMReality Smart Glasses.

The Smart Glasses, which are used for hands-free operation, or the camera on the Futura Protablet allow the Futura technical expert to see what the individual on the remote line sees. The service expert is able transmit back his gestures, drawings and instructions that are visually overlaid on the mobile device image or in the Smart Glasses field of view. The Futura technical expert’s service workstation is also equipped with a special camera that captures the expert’s gestures. XMReality’s remote software operates on both Windows and Android devices and functions well even in low bandwidth industrial environments.

“We look forward to working together closely with XMReality to develop our Procare augmented reality offering that will be known as Provision” states Alessandro Viani.

“A number of our customers are already very excited about the improved services they are expecting via Provision”. Johan Castevall, XMReality’s CEO is also very pleased and comments, “Our partnership with Futura represents a big step in allowing XMReality to demonstrate the value of augmented reality solutions to the capital intensive tissue and paper industries. For us Futura is an ideal partner as they are constantly striving to innovate.”

Link to Futura

XMReality to present at the 3rd Field Service Forum

The service business is going through dramatic change, transforming from a cost-centric and reactive activity to a proactive service offering, with high profit margin, as companies try to lock in their customers with long service contracts. But what is the impact on the field engineers’ job, with customer expectations continually rising while the business keeps globalizing? Join us this June in Amsterdam where 150+ field service professionals will share, network, discuss and benchmark within the following three key areas; Field Engineers, Process and Technology.

Please, read more and register here.

XMReality enables Bosch Rexroth to support customers around the world

Augmented reality software and smart glasses from Swedish company XMReality have enabled automation and drive system manufacturer Bosch Rexroth to roll out a new service and support programme with remote assistance

The first Rexroth solution launched for industrial hydraulics is called Hägglunds InSight Live, the support programme involves the client company’s own maintenance team in carrying out adjustments, troubleshooting and emergency work, with guidance from Bosch Rexroth’s systems specialists back at base.

Using the software from XMReality with an ordinary smartphone, tablet or laptop, along with the optional smart glasses, the local service engineer works directly with one of the in-house experts at Bosch Rexroth.

The system was initially used by Bosch Rexroth in Sweden but is now being rolled out in other selected countries. Potentially, any of Bosch Rexroth’s 375,000 (30k+ employees in Rexroth) personnel worldwide can access the system.

“Bosch Rexroth provides world-class services and we constantly strive to implement new and innovative ways to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Using XM Reality’s platform, we are now able to offer a remote service portfolio that ensures that help, assistance and our specialist expertise are available for both planned and unplanned situations, Rory Moore, Service Business Development Manager – Hägglunds Products”

“We are proud of now being classified as an Essential Supplier in Bosch global purchasing system, says XMReality´s CEO Johan Castevall. This is a confirmation of the importance of our Remote Guidance solution in modern industrial way of work.”

The augmented reality smart glasses from XMReality enable hands-free operation during the interaction with the service experts, but the software can also be used with just an ordinary smartphone. The service expert sees on his screen what the operator sees through the lens. The software transfers video and audio streams between the service expert and the operator with perfect synchronisation, even when the bandwidth is low. Gestures, drawings or instructions can be overlaid by the instructor on the live image.

The XMReality software is compatible with Windows and Android operating systems. The optional smart glasses, which enable hands-free operation, can be used with prescription glasses or protective smart glasses. Their 40° field of vision enables the instructor to see the periphery of the image – augmented reality smart glasses can often only offer 15-30° field of vision. The smart glasses are powered by the tablet or laptop computer and battery life is usually around two hours, depending on battery size.

InSight Live

Gebo Cermex: Factory of the Future

The Industry 4.0 movement isn’t just about better, faster and more flexible packaging lines – crucially, it also involves solving problems if and when they arise. Gebo Cermex are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the problem-solving process. And given our focus of the “smart factories” philosophy, it was only logical that we should also implement smart problem-solving solutions.

In 2016 Gebo are launching a palette of new 4.0 tools which are innovative, intuitive and fully integrated with our existing industrial and design processes. One of these tools is our live remote video technical support service, which takes assistance up to the Factory of the Future level thanks to the exclusive addition of Augmented Reality technology.

Link to more information on the offering

Read more about XMReality technology

Connecting experts and the field with XMReality

On February 15, XMReality gave an interview with the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) about remote assistance technologies in field service. Niklas Rengfors, VP of Sales, sat down with Christine Perey, Executive Director of the AREA to talk about how XMReality boosts communication and productivity in maintenance.