Million order to XMReality – enabling Remote Guidance at sea with Augmented Reality


Professional engineering support for ships at sea, with the help of augmented reality, is now possible following the purchase of ten remote guidance systems by a major marine equipment manufacturer from technology company XMReality. The order value is SEK 1,2 million (130,000).

This is a breakthrough order for us, as this represents a large number of systems for a single customer. It is also a breakthrough into the marine industry, a market for which this technology is ideal. Marine equipment is often difficult to service, as ship-owners want the stay in port as short as possible. Our technology helps improve their return on investment, as equipment can now be serviced with professional support while the ship is at sea, says XMReality´s CEO Johan Castevall.

The equipment manufacturer behind the order has a large installed base on ships around the world. Using remote guidance technology, it will now launch a new maintenance programme for its users, enabling assistance onboard while the ship is at sea. For the end user, this means better maintenance support, resulting in less downtime. It also means better use of engineering resources, as maintenance can be carried out more frequently and at times of the crew’s choosing.

With XMReality’s technology, the engineer onboard receives advice on troubleshooting and maintenance over a live feed, working just as if the expert from the equipment manufacturer was at his side. The engineer interacts in real time with the expert back at base, which could be on the other side of the world, using audio and video communication. The instructor has access to all the relevant data and can guide the engineer onboard in real time to solve the issue at hand.

Begin here! The instructor can give detailed instructions over the live feed.
Begin here! The instructor can give detailed instructions over the live feed.

Using a pair of smart glasses, the operator is free to move around and can use both hands while receiving instructions. By watching and following the instructor’s movements, gestures and and graphical indicators, using hand tools and advanced equipment, the assistance enables the engineer to carry out service with assistance delivered remotely, online and in real time.

Augmented reality (AR) is a concept where graphics is combined with live data to provide an enhanced video stream. The technology is similar to virtual reality (VR) but with the crucial difference that it provides support for two-way communication using video, audio and graphics.




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