Market-leading software for Remote Guidance

The core in XMReality’s software is its real-time communications capabilities. The software works even with low bandwidth, and sound and video are synchronized without delay.

Main functionalities

XMReality’s remote guidance software allows your people to guide followers using these and many more tools.

Making gestures

Complicated procedures are not always easily described in words:“Turn clockwise, then pull lightly while pressing, etc…” Show how it’s done instead and repeat if necessary.


Showing tools

The right use of tools can be difficult to explain in words. Simply grab the tool you wish do demonstrate and show the follower how to use it.


A graphic pointer is an excellent way to indicate areas of interest with great precision. Combine it with voice, gestures or poses to maximize guiding efficiency.



Using spoken language is of course a fundamental part of guiding remotely. Guiding becomes extra efficient when your words are complemented by some of our visual guiding tools.

Video recording

Any remote guidance procedure can be captured as video.Your company is offered a unique opportunity to build up a library of instruction videos for training purposes.


Showing drawings

Technicians in the field are not always equipped with the necessary accessories. When faced with an unfamiliar technical installation, showing them a drawing can be really helpful.