This is XMReality

XMReality offers tools that empower organizations in the forefront of digitalization to work smarter, generating new business opportunities.

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XMReality Remote Guidance is now being used in almost 60 countries.


Our 25-strong team is revolutionizing knowledge sharing.


We have two offices: In Linköping, Sweden and Portsmouth, NH, U.S.

Short history

2007 to today

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Solutions saving lives

Founded in 2007 by researchers from the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the first project was to help bomb disposal experts defuse landmines in the field. For six years we performed advanced Contract Research in AR and MR for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) and BAE Systems.


Hands-Overlay was introduced to the world

Already in 2011 the researchers at XMReality had developed the groundbreaking technology which made it possible to to create a “dual reality” where an object, such as your hands, was transposed into the other person’s video feed.

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A new direction

In 2013 we decided on a new strategic direction. We put all the technological and business expertise we’d built up into developing a new AR software solution for industry use: XMReality Remote Guidance.


A new generation

With the launch of XMReality Generation 6 we made a giant leap forward. We went from providing a single solution to a complete system – including app, hardware and web portal with strategic tools for managing and monitoring.

A sustainable tomorrow

We believe in climate smart technology

XMReality’s ambition is to be a successful company over the long haul. And one that contributes to a sustainable future by delivering innovative solutions that support the customer’s efforts toward sustainable business.

In a world of scarce finite resources, we need to extend the lifetimes of products and equipment through more proactive service and support and by dealing with problems faster.

We are constantly further developing our digital solution so that it will be able to replace the face-to-face meeting and thus minimize the need to travel. Using our solutions should be perceived as “like being there.”

Together we make a difference

XMReality is working actively with the UN SDGs, with extra focus on below goals

Decent work and economic growth

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Reduced inequality

Sustainable cities and communities

Responsible consumption and production

Peace, justice and strong institutions

Partnership for the goals

Feel secure using XMReality

Information security is high on our agenda

Use of the XMReality app involves the transmission of our customers’ business critical information. This issue is more or less critical for all customers, but is always important to one extent or another. XMReality never stores data and has ensured a high level of security to meet the needs of our customers.