XMReality within packaging

Remote support for Packaging

XMReality gives your organization the tools needed to support your customer- and internal needs anytime and anywhere. Leverage XMReality Remote Guidance to add servitization to your offer; increasing ROI with new revenue channels.


Ensure that you get the most out of your equipment


Quickly solve downtime issues


Leverage remote guidance to quickly connect, assess & solve problems


Show up prepared with the correct parts & tools

Trusted by our customers

Brands using XMReality Remote Guidance to optimize operations



"This new technology is allowing the AMACO experts to support customers as if they were onsite: reducing reaction time & downtime while also reducing travel time and carbon footprint."

Customer Service Manager, Norden Machinery

“With XMReality Remote Guidance we are not dependent on having specialist skills on site, while still being able to deliver the support our customers expect from us."


"XMReality helps us in combination with our remote machine access, to blend in real-life data and behavior of our equipment and the people working with it"

Eric Dederichs, Service & Electrical Engineering Manager ABC Packaging

“Since we have been using XMReality we have seen a reduction in our time needed to assist in troubleshooting needs. XMReality has become an extremely important asset to us and we will continue to use this tool to our full advantage.”

Global Service Product Manager at Minebea Intec

“We are now able to make our service accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. This intuitive tool helps reduce or prevent disruptions, while simultaneously increasing the technical availability of systems and devices. It therefore forms part of a consistent prevention strategy”
worker makes a remote guidance call with xmreality


Empowering Remote Service Capabilities

Using XMReality Remote Guidance, one of your experts can connect with a technician via a simple text message. The technician can then instantly live stream a video feed of the issue and get support via augmented reality features and remote guidance. This allows the expert to superimpose their hands onto the technician’s smartphone screen rather than traveling to the site.

Using remote guidance, your experts can show the technician what to check, which button to press to solve their issue or they can ask workers to provide your expert with the necessary information to deliver a part to their place of work – all without having to go anywhere.

A remote support solution for packaging

XMReality interacts with a wide portion of the packing supply chain, from producers such as Nestle and Danone to the OEMs who produce the equipment that handles packing for the producers. In the end, our job is to help companies drive their operational excellence through the monitoring, analysis and optimization of production processes.

In many of these processes, whether it’s an early stage such as design or a late stage such as quality assurance, the best products are made when the different functions collaborate. In all likelihood, these functions aren’t co-located – but this can be overcome using remote guidance.

XMReality Remote Guidance allows people that work together to problem-solve together and ultimately minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction. Perhaps a certain worker has a knowledge gap, or maybe a technician needs to reach out directly to a machine provider. Whatever the reason, XMReality consistently leads to maximum efficiency of workers and machines.

What's in it for you?

Reduce Downtime

Reduce both scheduled and un-scheduled production downtime to get maximum output.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Connecting and solving issues quickly along with better communications keeps your customers happy which leads to lower churn and increased competitiveness.

Save Travel Time

Solving remotely eliminate certain travel. With less travel time and fewer unsuccessful solution attempts, remote guidance leads to significant cost savings. Also remote assessment before arriving helps insure an increased first-time fix rate.

Increased Service Revenue

Add remote guidance into your service offerings and create an additional channel to deliver support. This will enable you to charge your customers for the value and service you provide.


Coesia's deployment of Remote Guidance

Coesia is a group of 21 packaging and industrial companies operating globally, driven by a core philosophy of constant innovation. With over 9,000 employees worldwide, they’re always striving to offer better, more efficient customer service through advanced technological solutions. Coesia has their own branded version of XMReality Remote Guidance, Coesia Remote assistance. Leveraging XMReality Remote Guidance, Coesia provides real time diagnostics and troubleshooting to their customers, exactly as if we were right beside you – without the need of a physical presence.


Use Cases


When something suddenly comes up and needs to be solved as quickly as possible you can instantly connect with the expert(s) needed to get instructions on how to identify and solve the problem.

Inspections, Walkthroughs and Audits

Inspect, test, and keep video and photo records for compliance and quality assurance of your equipment as well as premises.

Field service

Field Service Technicians have different levels of experience and areas of expertise. XMReality Remote Guidance makes it easy for your technicians to help and support each other, without being at the same location.


Level up your support to provide best-in-class assistance. We integrate into major support platforms allowing you to deploy remote guidance directly from your existing system, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

Get the most out of Remote Guidance

Add these tools to maximize
the use of XMReality Remote Guidance

Smart Glasses

Using smart glasses together with XMReality Remote Guidance makes it possible for the person who’s being guided to have both hands free – making it both more efficient and in some cases safer. As the different use areas of smart glasses expand, XMReality continue to optimize the way our product work on the most popular smart glasses on the market.



The Pointpad enables the Hands Overlay feature from a desktop and basically turns any computer into a powerful guide station, perfect for in-house helpdesk professionals or technical support centers. By showing, not telling, you can avoid misunderstandings and remove language barriers, leading to fast, efficient issue resolution and happier customers and colleagues.