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Remote support for Housing

Learn about how the industry of housing has used XMReality Remote Guidance to solve problems.


Ensure that tenants get the help they need


No more guessing on what parts and tools to bring


Technicians can solve problems from their desk


Reduce maintenance cost without compromising on service

Gary Haldane, Interim Digital Director, Kingdom Housing Association

“Our tenants have been amazed at how simple it is to use and we’ve already had really positive feedback from tenants."

Stewart Davison, Director Of Innovation at DtL Creative

"Whilst I’m aware that there are other solutions doing similar things I don’t think there is anything like XMReality AB the combination of ease of use, multi platform and ‘virtual hand’ AR is a game changer."

Gary Haldane, Interim Digital Director, Kingdom Housing Association

“This technology has the potential to be a game-changer. I knew when I first saw it that it would prove very useful. I just hadn’t realised how useful until we went into lockdown and operatives were unable to attend routine repairs because of isolation."

XMReality Remote Guidance

How can you use remote support within housing?

Utilising AR and remote guidance the expert connects with the tenant via a simple text message. The tenant can live stream a video feed of the issue. The engineer, rather than traveling to the tenants home, can show the tenant with their hands on to the smartphone screen what to check, which button to switch to solve the issue, or simply ask the tenant to provide the information the engineer needs to arrive with the correct part.

Remote Guidance, it’s not just for repairs. As well as being used with tenants to ensure more efficient and effective repairs, housing providers have been exploring Remote Guidance in other areas:

  • Connecting more expert operatives with junior colleagues
  • Integrating into compliance activities
  • Reducing travel requirements
  • Promoting tenant self service

If you want to find out more about remote support, check out our full guide. 

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How does all this apply to social housing?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, housing providers faced the challenge of providing repairs services in a world where self-isolation and ‘lockdown’ were a reality. As well as tenants being hesitant to let repairs operatives into their home, the operatives themselves had concerns about the tenants and their own wellbeing. This presented housing providers with a real problem.

A solution to this ‘socially distanced’ world was to turn towards technology and in particular, a use of AR technology known as ‘Remote Guidance’. Essentially it is an AR solution that enables an expert, for example a plumber or electrician, connect with a tenant or resident via their smartphone screens.

Benefits of XMReality Remote Guidance

Repairs right first time

Get a better understanding of the problem when it’s reported to make sure that you send the right technician with the right equipment.

Increase tenant satisfaction

Digitalization that drives better and faster service and support will increase tenant satisfaction.

Reduce home visits

Solve problems remotely and decrease travel time for operators and technicians – freeing time for more repairs.

Improve home standards

Ensure that more homes meet the Decent Homes Standards by inspecting remotely, making it possible to cary out more inspections.

Customer case

Kingdom Housing Association use remote technology to give tenants real-time help in their homes

In March 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic struck hard, confining millions to their homes. Kingdom Housing Association (KHA) in Scotland had already chosen XMReality Remote Guidance before ths crisis. When lockdown came, it soon became clear what a far-sighted decision it was as tenants were able to carry out urgent repairs simply and swiftly in their homes, with no risk of inviting infection in. KHA Interim Digital Director Gary Haldane explains.

Could this be the new standard way of working even after the pandemic is gone?

Learn how Kingdom Housing support their tenants with XMReality Remote guidance.


Use Cases


Remotely inspect properties to be able to plan maintenance, approve current condition or just to know which equipment your operator should bring for a visit.


When something stops working in a tenant’s apartment or somewhere in the property you can remotely connect your operator to guide the tenant to solve the problem.

Customer support

When a tenant calls to report a problem your customer support can instantly connect visually to do a better assessment and document the issue.

Share knowledge

When doing a repair it’s sometimes needed to get help or a second opinion from a colleague. With Remote Guidance you can instantly connect to get visual assistance.