XMReality Enterprise

Remote support for Facility Management

Work towards continuous improvement and efficiency in the housing sector by using XMReality Remote Guidance to manage instant repairs and property maintenance.



Ensure that tenants get the help they need


No more guessing on what parts and tools to bring


Technicians can solve problems from their desk


Reduce maintenance cost without compromising on service

A smarter way of working

Instantly connect to help solve problems

Bring digitalization to facility management with XMReality Remote Guidance. Using our technology a tenant can instantly get help from an operator or technician to solve simple problems in their home. The tenant sees the technician’s hands in their own home, showing them step-by-step how to fix the problem, whether it’s fixing a door, locating a leak or connecting a washing machine. A wide range of simple but often high-impact repairs can be fixed remotely all while maintaining a high service level for the occupants.


Trusted by our customers

Brands using XMReality Remote Guidance to optimize operations

Use Cases


Remotely inspect properties to be able to plan maintenance, approve current condition or just to know which equipment your operator should bring for a visit.


When something stops working in a tenant’s apartment or somewhere in the property you can remotely connect your operator to guide the tenant to solve the problem.

Customer support

When a tenant calls to report a problem your customer support can instantly connect visually to do a better assessment and document the issue.

Share knowledge

When doing a repair it’s sometimes needed to get help or a second opinion from a colleague. With Remote Guidance you can instantly connect to get visual assistance.

Gary Haldane, Interim Digital Director, Kingdom Housing Association

“Our tenants have been amazed at how simple it is to use and we’ve already had really positive feedback from tenants."

Stewart Davison, Director Of Innovation at DtL Creative

"Whilst I’m aware that there are other solutions doing similar things I don’t think there is anything like XMReality AB the combination of ease of use, multi platform and ‘virtual hand’ AR is a game changer."

Gary Haldane, Interim Digital Director, Kingdom Housing Association

“This technology has the potential to be a game-changer. I knew when I first saw it that it would prove very useful. I just hadn’t realised how useful until we went into lockdown and operatives were unable to attend routine repairs because of isolation."


Learn how industry leaders are leveraging XMReality Remote Guidance

Benefits of XMReality Remote Guidance

Repairs right first time

Get a better understanding of the problem when it’s reported to make sure that you send the right technician with the right equipment.

Increase tenant satisfaction

Digitalization that drives better and faster service and support will increase tenant satisfaction.

Reduce home visits

Solve problems remotely and decrease travel time for operators and technicians – freeing time for more repairs.

Improve home standards

Ensure that more homes meet the Decent Homes Standards by inspecting remotely, making it possible to cary out more inspections.