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Remote Guidance for Food and Beverage

Drive operational excellence by using XMReality Remote Guidance when you monitor, analyze and optimize your production process.

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Reduce Downtime

Leverage remote guidance to quickly connect, assess & solve problems

Increase first-time fix rate

Show up prepared with the correct parts & tools

Lower Costs

Save on cost-consuming trips and support sustainable service

Drive innovation

Best-in-class remote guidance elevates and digitalizes your entire business


Reduce production downtime

Keeping your equipment up and running is business critical when manufacturing food & beverages. Using XMReality Remote Guidance gives you the tools to connect remotely and solve your issues quickly regardless of the location. Increase your first-time fix rates, and when going onsite is required, arrive prepared after auditing the situation with Remote Guidance.


Brands using XMReality Remote Guidance to optimize operations

Use Cases

Field Service

Field Service Technicians have different levels of experience and areas of expertise. Remote Guidance makes it easy for your technicians to help and support each other, without being at the same location.

Inspections, Walkthroughs and Audits

Inspect, test, and keep video and photo records for compliance and quality assurance.


Level up your support to provide best-in-class assistance. We integrate into major support platforms allowing you to deploy Remote Guidance directly from your existing system.

Planning & Scheduling

Use Remote Guidance to assess the situation before an on-site visit, give a colleague some extra information, or book a remote troubleshooting session.

Adam Spunberg, Global Director of Tech Exploration at AB InBev

“We chose XMR because of the versatility in integrating with our current systems, and the agnosticism in being able to work with a number of different glasses hardware"


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Benefits of XMReality Remote Guidance

Reduce Downtime

Reduce both scheduled and un-scheduled production downtime to get maximum output.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Connecting and solving issues quickly along with better communications keeps your customers happy which leads to lower churn.

Boosted knowledge transfer

Improved and more efficient knowledge transfer within the organization.

Save Travel Time

Solving remotely reduces the need to travel. Also, remote assessment before arriving helps insure an increased first-time fix rate.

Get the most out of Remote Guidance

Add these tools to maximize
the use of Remote Guidance

Smart Glasses

Using smart glasses together with XMReality Remote Guidance makes it possible for the person who’s being guided to have both hands free – making it both more efficient and in some cases safer.


XMReality’s Pointpad is used by the person who’s guiding through a desktop computer to still be able to leverage all the interactive guiding tools. It’s perfect to use for your customer or technical support centers.


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