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With our roots in the Defense industry we know how important cyber security is and we offer adaptable solutions to ensure maximum security - without compromising on function.

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Our End-to-End Encryption is trusted by industry leaders


Be proactive with maintenance without the need to travel


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Where it all started

XMReality offers secure and adaptable solutions

Founded in 2007 by researchers from the Swedish Defense Research Agency, XMReality’s first project was to help bomb disposal experts defuse landmines in the field. For six years we performed advanced Contract Research in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) and BAE Systems. We continue to work and innovate in the defense sector through our offer Remote Guidance.


Brands using XMReality Remote Guidance to optimize operations

Use Cases


When something suddenly comes up and needs to be solved as quickly as possible you can instantly connect with the expert(s) needed to get instructions on how to identify and solve the problem.

Inspections, Walkthroughs and Audits

Inspect, test, and keep video and photo records for compliance and quality assurance of your equipment as well as premises.

Equipment installation

Support customers or colleagues during assembly, installation and testing of equipment regardless of their location.

Training and instructions

Use Remote Guidance to train and instruct personell on equipment they are not familiar with, either live or by using pre-recorded sessions.


100% availability for Gripen fighters in Thailand

Saab uses innovative support solutions, including XMReality Remote Guidance, to provide The Royal Thai Airforce, RTFA, with 100% availability of their Gripen fighters.

“Instead of sending our specialists to Thailand, an authorized technician in Linköping supported and guided the RTAF technicians to implement the check by using Remote Guidance. Both we and the RTAF was very pleased with the result since it gave 100 percent availability to their Gripen fleet,” says Ellen Molin, senior vice president and head of business area Support and Services at Saab.

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Learn how industry leaders leverage Remote Guidance

Benefits of XMReality Remote Guidance

Data security

With End-to-End Encryption and on premise solution Remote Guidance offers the safety standard you need

Boosted knowledge transfer

Improved and more efficient knowledge transfer within the organization regardless of geographical locations.

Save Travel Time

Using Remote Guidance helps you solve problems from a distance, saving on both travel time and cost.


Add new revenue streams into your business with XMReality Remote Guidance. Deploy your expert knowledge anywhere, anytime regardless of location.

Get the most out of Remote Guidance

Add these tools to maximize
the use of Remote Guidance

Smart Glasses

Using smart glasses together with XMReality Remote Guidance makes it possible for the person who’s being guided to have both hands free – making it both more efficient and in some cases safer.


XMReality’s Pointpad is used by the person who’s guiding through a desktop computer to still be able to leverage all the interactive guiding tools. It’s perfect to use for your customer or technical support centers.


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