XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled tool that lets you see through someone’s eyes and guide their hands – just as if you were there.

Step 1

There’s a stoppage. But it doesn’t need to be a crisis. Your field technician contacts their Service Center support, using the XMReality solution on their smartphone or tablet, and starts a Remote Guidance session.

Step 2

In the Service Center, the support sees exactly what the Field Technician sees through their camera and can diagnose the issue. Using his pointpad-equipped computer, she guides the hands of the field technician remotely using both her voice and her hands.

Step 3

With hands overlay the Service Center support shows the Field Technician exactly which components to fix and how. He sees how, step by step, on his smartphone. With voice, screen pointers and hands overlay any instruction, no matter how complex, can be carried out remotely.

Step 4

With the stoppage resolved and the crisis averted your Field Technician can share the film he captured of the procedure with his colleagues in the field. Your Service Center support too can archive the call for future training and knowledge sharing.