xmreality remote guidance

When a regular video call just isn't enough.

XMReality's remote support solution allows you to see what your customer or colleague sees and guide them as if you were right by their side

Choose a contact
Starting the call

An easy to use remote support solution

XMReality Remote Guidance

Use the app to create a link and send to anyone that needs remote support.

The person you send the link to does not need to install an app or sign up.

You can connect directly with existing XMReality users without having to send a call link.

When the person clicks the link it opens their view in a web browser and a call is placed to your XMReality app.

When the call is connected you can see what that person is seeing and get a better understanding of the problem.

Of course you can also switch who is guiding!

If you need to solve the problem directly, XMReality provides you with many different tools to help guide the person on the call to a resolution.

Point at specific areas, pause the video and draw or use your hands to provide intuitive instructions.

No matter the problem – XMReality gives you the tools to solve it.

A Platform independent remote support solution

Whatever the device, XMReality Remote Guidance is built to run on it. From smartphones to tablets, pointpads to smart glasses, you’re the user – you get to decide. With no limitations on platform, Android, iOS or Windows, Remote Guidance works on it.

XMReality Pointpad

Turn your Windows Computer into a powerful Guidestation

The XMReality Pointpad turns any windows computer into a powerful Guidestation, perfect for in-house Helpdesk professionals or Technical support centers.

Intuitive Web portal

Our user administration web portal offers excellent user experience with a simple intuitive display that makes it ease to create teams, manage users and track KPIs.

Realwear glasses

Smart Glasses

When doing more complex work like repairs, Smart Glasses provide an excellent way to be able to work hands free. XMReality Remote Guidance supports a variety of models and the dedicated interface makes them easy to use.

Supported Smart Glasses

  • Vuzix M300, M400
  • Realwear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1
  • Iristick C1, Z1
  • Zebra HD4000

Additional Features

Available API

XMReality Remote Guidance can be fully customised and integrated into the processes and workflows of your organisation.


Track usage and other KPI’s in our administration portal.

White Label Branding

Make XMReality Remote Guidance your own by customizing Call Links and apps.

Group Calling

Invite multiple participants to a Remote Guidance Call.

Knowledge Base

Get information on how to use XMReality Remote Guidance and how to get the most out of your sessions.

In-App Messaging

Message other XMReality users directly from our apps.

End-to-End Encryption

Transfer knowledge securely with end-to-end encryption.

Helpdesk System Integration

XMReality Remote Guidance can be integrated in for example JIRA and Zendesk.

Active Directory Federation

XMReality Remote Guidance is compatible with SAML and OAuth for easy login and access.

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