XMReality Remote Guidance is a solution that lets you see through another person’s eyes and guide them – as if you were there. There are many areas you can use it, some of them you can read about here, but you are always welcome to contact us, and we can tell you more.

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How do I do this?

There is a stoppage, something is not working, or your customer doesn’t know how to do something. They connect to their Service Center support, using the XMReality solution on their smartphone, tablet or smart glasses, and starts a Remote Guidance video session.

Validating the problem

The Service Center staff sees exactly what the person in the field sees through their device and can diagnose the issue. He guides the hands of the customer remotely using both his voice, hands and other tools such as pointers.  Read more about ways to guide here.

He can now decide if he wants to escalate the problem using a multi-participant call, fix it himself by guiding the customer, or arrange for an expert to either help on-line or to travel to the site – knowing exactly what to bring to solve the problem.

Fixing the problem

The person appointed to support the customer uses remote guidance to help with the problem. He will guide using voice, his hands, screen pointers, documents or whatever it takes to solve it. You can guide from your device of choice, like a smartphone, but you can also equip your laptop with a PointPad which is particularly useful for non-mobile personnel.

Fact is that an AR-enabled video call is twice as efficient to use in problem solving than a standard video call, which a new field study shows. You can download it here.

Inspecting the result - share knowledge

In cases where the result needs to be inspected, that can be done as well using remote guidance. Or, the customer on site can record the remote guidance session and send it to the auditor.

The recorded video can be stored for further usage, for example when training new support staff.