Whatever the device, XMReality Remote Guidance is built to run on it. From smartphones to tablets, pointpads to helmets, you’re the user – you get to decide.

Smart Phone

Smartphone-to-smartphone or smartphone to Service Center guidance is an agile, light, always-available solution when hands-free isn’t required. Remote Guidance on your smartphone is a true friend in the field. It’s available on all popular smartphone platforms.

Smart glasses

Need your hands free?  Using smart glasses, you are able to work as usual with both hands free while your guide follows and instructs you. XMReality is built to run on your smart glasses of choice, regardless of vendor or form factor.


Smart glasses Vuzix

Vuzix M300 is designed for enterprise applications from the plant floor to the warehouse and as such has a series of well thought out accessories for nearly all enterprise environments. XMReality are proud to be a VIP Vuzix Industrial Partner and authorized resellers.


Our Pointpad is ideal for helpdesk and Service Center professionals guiding technicians in the field. For stationary devices that lack the agility of a smartphone, Pointpad is a plug-and-play solution usable on all standard Windows computers.


Whether guiding or following, tablets give technicians all the mobility and convenience of a smartphone, with a larger, high-quality screen. XMReality Remote Guidance works on tablets with Windows, Android and iOS platforms.