Smart glasses for industrial use

Hands free operation in the field can be crucial for a lot of engineers in the field managing large assets which requires climbing- or getting into machines. For this reason we offer our own developed smart glasses, designed for taking the human factor in consideration.

XMReality’s smart glasses have an extended field of view (FOV) compared to other on-line smart glasses in the market. This makes them well fitted for remote guidance, since a good field of view enables guidance with the highest precision and quality.

The glasses are equipped with a camera to prevent engineers working in the field from feeling dizzy or seasick. Overlaid pictures and head movements are perfectly synchronized in order to prevent dizziness.

Most other smart glasses require prescription glasses to be inserted into the smart glasses. With XMReality´s glasses, you are able to wear regular glasses under the smart glasses. You are also able to use safety glasses, which are required in many industries today, together with our smart glasses.

To increase safety, our glasses have free peripheral vision. You can therefore wear the glasses during work, while also being able to detect dangers that might appear from side.

Until today, much of the hype around wearables has been driven by the intriguing technical opportunities. The principle of integrating technical data and information into the user’s field of view has long been used in military applications – and lately, of course, in the gaming and entertainment industries.

In industrial remote guidance, XMReality’s smart glasses are a business-supporting feature for companies involved in as diverse activities as field service, mining, energy and utilities, manufacturing etc. Watching and following another person’s movements, poses, gestures, reinforced by graphical indicators create new ways to lead, assist and train people. Remotely. Online. In real-time.


Our guiding set comes delivered as complete solution combining a high-resolution top-view camera and high-quality microphone. The guiding set is designed for professional high-quality remote guidance. It can be implemented as a stationary support desk for use by one or more of your company’s experts, or folded away and carried into the field for mobile remote guidance.

It is the ultimate guiding solution when you want to get the most out of your experts’ skills and competency. Just plug and play on a Standard Windows computer.


A tablet is an essential part of a remote guidance kit, useful for both guiding and following. With its manageable format, users can carry it around with ease during the day, keeping one of their key working tools close to them at all times.

Video captured by the follower’s built-in webcam is enhanced by the guide’s poses and gestures, and ultimately reflected, using Augmented reality, at the follower’s tablet screen (or cellphone for that matter).

That’s how easy it is to tap into the value-added features and benefits of XMReality on your regular Windows-based tablet.


Using cellphones as part of your remote guidance solution is a smart way of capitalizing on the XMReality software investment. By simply installing an app in your phones, you will have follower access to XMReality functionality.

Guide your colleagues by means of your phone’s cam and microphone to explain procedures using voice, gestures and graphical pointers. Or, receive guidance yourself. You and your colleagues can change roles with each other any time.

The phones are already there, in your company, in your people’s pockets. XMReality adds value to them, beyond expectation.

Rugged tablet casing

Our rugged tablet casing is an affordable way to protect and ensure the longevity of your people’s tablets. Equip your technicians – or other specialists in the field using Microsoft Surface Pro hybrids – with our rugged casings. In addition, connecting tablets to our smart video goggles is an ideal solution for field service applications.

The casing is easy to carry securely by hand or attached to a belt, while offering you the option to run the XMReality software in the glasses and show other applications on the tablet screen.