Haas Group signs agreement to extend partnership with XMReality

Haas Group has signed additional orders to include XMReality Remote Guidance in its customer offering. The delivery will take place during the remaining part of 2017 and 2018. Total order value during 2017 approx. 0,5 MSEK recognized during 2017 and 2018.

“Haas is offering Remote Guidance to customers, accomplishing tasks on Haas equipment in close collaboration between customer’s staff and Haas’ customer support.” Says Timo Weider, Head of Service Haas Group.

Haas Group has been a customer for about one year. Haas has successfully ramped up the usage of the XMReality Remote Guidance technology and solution and has decided to start to offer the XMReality Remote guidance solution to its customer.

”We are proud to be a partner to Haas, together delivering market leading end-customer solutions for field service. XMReality highly values existing customer relationships and the extension of our relation to Haas is a proof of the potential to scale within existing customer base. Our existing customers consists of some of the worlds largest- and leading companies”, says Johan Castevall, CEO of XMReality.

The highly specialized Austrian Haas Group supplies state-of-the-art lines, machinery and services to manufacturers in the wafer, biscuit, confectionery and dairy industries worldwide. Haas brands include Franz Haas wafer machines; Franz Haas CFT cone and waffle machines; Haas-Meincke machines and plants for biscuit and cake production and Haas-Mondomix mixing, kneading, aerating and depositing equipment.

The orders include XMReality Remote Guidance™ software, XMReality Point-Pad™ and smart glasses.