Futura Partners with XMReality to Further Improve Futura’s Procare Service-Solutions with Augmented Reality

Futura, a leading global supplier of tissue converting lines, provides its customers with a comprehensive set of service solutions in order to best manage their Futura assets. Since tissue manufacturers and converters are spread globally to be close to the markets they serve, most of Futura’s machines are located in places far removed from Futura’s global service centres.

“Despite offering our customers a variety of integrated communications tools,” declares Alessandro Viani, Futura’s Procare Manger, “we still lacked the capability of visually seeFuturaing a customer’s problem or visually guiding a customer to a solution without physically traveling to an often remote site.”

“At XMReality we spend our entire existence making it easier and more efficient to service remote assets,” states Niklas Rengfors, XMReality’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Indeed, XMReality’s augmented reality solution allows a technical expert at any of Futura’s service centres to see what a remote individual sees and to provide that individual with visual instructions required to solve the problem at hand. The tools delivered by XMReality to enable such seemingly futuristic customer interaction are actually quite simple to use and only consist of Futura’s Protablet and an optional set of industrial XMReality Smart Glasses.

The Smart Glasses, which are used for hands-free operation, or the camera on the Futura Protablet allow the Futura technical expert to see what the individual on the remote line sees. The service expert is able transmit back his gestures, drawings and instructions that are visually overlaid on the mobile device image or in the Smart Glasses field of view. The Futura technical expert’s service workstation is also equipped with a special camera that captures the expert’s gestures. XMReality’s remote software operates on both Windows and Android devices and functions well even in low bandwidth industrial environments.

“We look forward to working together closely with XMReality to develop our Procare augmented reality offering that will be known as Provision” states Alessandro Viani.

“A number of our customers are already very excited about the improved services they are expecting via Provision”. Johan Castevall, XMReality’s CEO is also very pleased and comments, “Our partnership with Futura represents a big step in allowing XMReality to demonstrate the value of augmented reality solutions to the capital intensive tissue and paper industries. For us Futura is an ideal partner as they are constantly striving to innovate.”

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