This is new in XMReality Remote Guidance fall 2018

Our new functionality

  • Instant access to XMReality Remote Guidance through Web Client.
  • IoT integration to make it possible to visualize machinery data in a XMReality Remote Guidance
  • Multi-participant calls in XMReality Remote Guidance to possible to include more people into the video call

XMReality demonstrated the new features to selected customers at the XMReality Conference 2018. They were the first outside of XMReality to try them out, and the new capabilities in XMReality Remote Guidance were generally praised for their capacity to improve the customer’s business processes. The new features were also successfully demonstrated at The Augmented World Expo in Munich during October where XMReality received the Best in Show – AR Auggie Award.

Web client

The new web client enables users to get instant access to XMReality Remote Guidance without having to download an app. This is particularly beneficial in cases where a company has infrequent users; you can set up a remote call without them having to install anything,

”The install base of AR-enabled devices will see incredible growth over the next few years, with over 1 billion mobile devices AR-ready by 2023. Naturally, the competitive landscape will grow in complexity as the market scales, presenting a fragmentation challenge to AR software vendors and content creators. A universal web interface will mitigate this, streamlining the end-to-end software ecosystem” says Eric Abbruzzese, Principal Analyst, ABI Research.

IoT integration

The IoT integration makes it possible to visualize machinery data in a XMReality Remote Guidance call thus creating a user experience that enables the user to solve problems faster and more accurate. It will help companies for example when doing inspections since it enables you to both visualize data and connect to a remote expert in the same view.

“Tapping into available IoT metrics is an incredible value add in the age of digitization, with AR as a visualization tool making accessing that content easier. Improving both backend systems, integration processes, and ensuring user ease of use is a sure path to quick and notable ROI,” concludes Abbruzzese.

Multi-participant calls

XMReality introduces multi-participant calls in XMReality Remote Guidance. It will be possible to include more people into the video call, which is much sought-after feature from XMReality’s customers. It’s perfect for e.g. first line support if they need to escalate an issue to second line or further.

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