Proven: AR-enabled remote guidance outperforms standard video call guidance

Four reasons to use augmented reality to solve problems

XMReality carried out an extensive Field Study to compare which technology is more effective at giving remote support: XMReality’s AR-enabled remote guidance solution, or a standard video call. We’d like to share the findings.

Key findings

XMReality remote guidance vs. a standard video call:

  • 32% faster problem solving
  • 100% more accurate
  • 84% prefers XMReality Remote Guidance

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Increased efficiency and faster resolution time

XMReality Remote Guidance is a powerful tool for working smarter. Exactly how powerful? We did a field study to find out how much better an AR-enabled call is versus a standard video call. Listen to Per Unell, CTO at XMReality presenting the highlights from the study!

The possible use for Remote guidance is vast!

Out team of experts have helped companies within most fields and stands ready to assist you in how you could benefit from Remote Guidance.

Remote Guidance by XMReality

Boost revenue

Change the way you deliver service and discover new revenue streams. Your service offering becomes more complete.

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase production uptime, first time fix-rate, resolution time, and reduce errors.

Cut costs

With remote guidance no costly field trips are required which also decreases your CO2 footprint.

Examples of XMReality Remote Guidance use cases


When you want to understand a situation. You gather information, prepare a task, triage and diagnose a problem.


When you take action and provide or ask for support to fix a problem.


When you verify a completed task and make sure explicit requirements are met. It can be inspections, audits or follow-ups.


When you on-board new staff and want them to get up to speed quickly, or if you want to train your personnel in a specific area.