€2,000 saved by not travelling

Bombardier saves a lot of money using remote guidance from XMReality. Read how Swedish electronics engineer Anders assisted his colleague Brian in the U.K. using remote guidance – saving his employer €2,000 and himself some real quality time with his family.


Brian was asked to install new signal radio control equipment (SRC) in one of Bombardier’s train sets. He needed assistance and was instructed to contact his colleague Anders in Sweden, one of the company’s leading SRC experts.


Anders sits down at his guiding station. Equipped with headset, pointpad and camera, he is ready to provide remote guidance. He instructs Brian to put on his video glasses and prepare to replace a rack module.


It is difficult to explain the procedures in words. So, being able to show exactly how it’s done is truly helpful. There is no risk of any procedure being performed incorrectly since Anders is able to see the result of Brian’s every move.


The camera in Brian’s glasses captures the image shown on Anders screen. Anders’ gestures and voice in combination makes it easy for Brian to understand the instructions and carry out the procedure.


The remote guidance session is now completed! The result? €2,000 saved on this trip alone and, more importantly, a message echoing throughout Bombardier as to the potential of XMReality’s technology.


The bonus! Anders didn’t have to choose between an important work task and spending time with his new-born daughter. Which is well in line with Bombardier’s policy to offer its employees a balance in life.