At XMReality we help organizations exceed their customers’ expectations. By augmenting the overall service experience we also help create new revenue streams. In short, we’re taking field service to a whole new level. With Augmented Reality. Made simple.

What our customers say

“With a 20-25% service level enhancement we’re able to secure uptime – possibly saving millions”

“The time for equipment repairs has been reduced by as much as 70%”

“We have already cut our warranty and service costs by 10%”

Field Service with Remote Guidance – like being there

Hands overlay: the video overlay function lets you use your hands to show your counterpart exactly what to do and how to do it – as if you were there.
Annotation: allows you to freeze the frame to draw on the image – and then easily go back to video again.
Screen sharing: this feature allows you to share your screen or a specific window – to show, for example, drawings, manuals or applications.
Multi participants: easily add more participants to the session whenever needed.
Guide on Image: a useful feature whenever the connection is bad, or when more detailed guidance is required.
Recording: By saving a recording, and using it as an instructional video whenever needed, you’ll continuously increase the knowledge transfer.

Seamless integration

Remote Guidance can be seamlessly integrated with any Field Service Management system, such as Salesforce, IFS, SAP, Dynamics and ServiceMax, to name a few.

Improved value for you

  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction
  • Improved first time fix rate
  • Increased service revenue
  • A boost in employee productivity
  • Reduced average time to resolution

Improved value for your customer

  • Overall equipment efficiency
  • Quick access to world class support
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Considerable cost savings

The mega trends that drive our business – and yours


A fourth industrial revolution – digitalization – is creating new opportunities across a wide range of industries. Technologies such as AR, IoT and AI help reinvent how companies develop, maintain and take their products to market – not to mention which services they can offer. XMReality is a perfect example, enabling a whole new way of providing cost-efficient services remotely – augmenting the service offering while minimizing costs and reducing the environmental impact by taking travel out of the equation.

Workplace transformation

Today’s powerful mobile devices, global internet access and cloud-based applications are transforming how, where and when we work. More than ever, knowledge is key to an organization’s future success, and to remain competitive, companies need to attract and retain the best talent. This requires an understanding of the needs of younger generations; who will likely expect to work anywhere and anytime using their own devices as part of the company infrastructure. By embracing this workplace transformation, organizations increase their competitive advantage and lower their costs. This does, however, put new demands on remote support and services – which, of course, is exactly what XMReality provides.


“Global Mergers & Acquisitions will rise to a peak of 3.2 trillion USD in 2018” (1).

Digitization continues to be a crucial driver of globalization. Global collaboration is the rule for many— from sourcing to manufacturing to supply, service and maintenance; via outsourcing, joint ventures, mergers or partnerships. In this market, being able to distribute skills and talent cost-effectively across borders – getting the most out of a talent pool or an international supplier network – is business-critical. In the future, businesses may not even need a significant physical presence. Being able to offer your expertise cost-effectively and remotely in real-time will, however, be essential. And Augmented Reality will most definitely play a significant role. (1)Baker MacKenzie, Global Transactions Forecast 2018


In the industry 4.0 world, servitization is reinventing the manufacturing business model. Instead of focusing solely on selling a product, more and more manufacturers are changing their strategy to match the increasing needs of their customers. As customers continue to expect additional benefits and long- lasting relationships with their dealers, more manufacturing companies will add service contracts to their product sales. Once again, XMReality’s Remote Guidance is the go-to solution, enabling cost- efficient remote services to customers all over the globe.

Augmenting the entire field service management process.

Designed to be seamlessly integrated with existing business software, XMReality Remote Guidance augments your field service management solution and streamlines the entire process – enabling instant and accurate support, anywhere and anytime.

Nothing is more valuable to your customers than your knowledge, so make sure it’s accessible whenever they need it. By upgrading your service portfolio and introducing new service concepts such as Remote Guidance, XMReality helps you increase your service revenue. Quite simply, by bringing you closer to your customers – wherever they are.

  • Increase your service revenue
  • Improve your margins

It’s a fact: companies that provide a consistent service quality across multiple channels retain more customers than companies who don’t. With Remote Guidance in your portfolio, you have a whole new interface to your customers, increasing your availability and letting them access the professional support they need – regardless of the situation.

  • Boost your customer satisfaction
  • Increase your problem identification rate

One of the biggest challenges in remote support used to be that feeling of distance. Well, not anymore. With XMReality Remote Guidance you’ll stand by your customers – quite literally – even if you’re actually somewhere else. Using our smart and intuitive collaboration tools, you’ll solve problems together with a customer or a colleague in the field, demonstrating the solution on the physical object using your own hands, just as if you were there. Because in a way, you are.

  • Improve the first time fix rate
  • Close competence gaps

In a business where there always seems to be more jobs than you can cover, scheduling the appropriate resources is demanding work. Whether you need to assess the situation before an on-site visit, give a colleague some extra information, or book a remote troubleshooting, you can rely on Remote Guidance to make the most out of all the competence and experience that you have in your team.

  • Utilize the full potential in your service organization
  • Verify problems remotely before initiating your site visit

In keeping your customers satisfied, your product experts are your most valuable communication channel. In fact, there is a socially engineered communication network between them and with XMReality Remote Guidance you open up for even easier, more effective and intuitive ways of sharing knowledge. Work in teams, share documents, and augment additional content onto real world video. Collaboration has never been this easy.

  • Share documentation or 3rd party applications
  • Connect to several experts at once, in real-time
  • Get your sign-off remotely

With XMReality you are in control of your service interactions. Features such as live statistics and data export let you follow-up on all the activities related to a case. This way, you’ll easily create the appropriate invoicing material, and make sure that every hour of your professional services is billed accordingly.

  • Track professional services in the statistics module
  • Produce invoicing information

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