No need for the person you call to install an app - just send them a link


Create and send link from the app


Customer/colleague taps on link


Guide them with hand and voice

Christer Bäck, Senior Customer Service Manager, Norden Machinery.

”We expect to reduce extended warranty service costs by 10% using XMReality, money that goes direct into our EBIT. And these savings also mean we’re able to offer more goodwill services to our clients.”

Alessandro Viani, Manager of ProCare Futura Aftersales Divison.

”The moment we saw it we knew this was what we'd been looking for. Smart, simple, easy to switch on and run on existing platforms. We don't have to request anything from the customer. One click and they're in. "


Make your point with hand gestures...

The simplest way to fix a problem is often just to show how it’s done. Our unique augmented reality feature overlays your hand onto your customer or colleague’s mobile device, allowing you to physically demonstrate solutions to queries.

  • See what your colleague or customer sees
  • Point out problem areas
  • Demonstrate the steps to fix with your hand


...or engage with our other advanced features

XMReality Business is your complete on-site toolkit – for when you’re not on-site. A whole suite of ways to engage with and support the person on the other end, so that it’s like you were there in person.

  • Pause and draw on image
  • Share pictures and documents
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Record your support call with digital storage

Get started with remote guidance