Augmented reality enables new business opportunities to manufacturing industry

Excerpt from Lönsam Industri June 9, 2017. Read a translated version below:

XMReality Remote Guidance™, based on Augmented Reality (AR), offers an effective tool for field service engineers.

When the customer service department at Norden Machinery receives an alarm from a customer site about machinery fault, the organization springs into action. The tube filling systems manufactured by the Kalmar-based company are of complex design and require specialist skills to troubleshoot and repair.

“Our clients are located all over the world, manufacturing anything from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and heavy machinery. Some clients make as many as 1,000 tubes per minute, where each minute of downtime can result in significant financial loss,” says Christer Bäck, Customer Service Manager at Norden Machinery.

Intuitive solutions

The company has experienced strong global demand for support services, but finding right skill locally is difficult. To Norden Machinery, XMReality Remote Guidance is a valuable tool, enabling its service staff to guide each other without being physically on site. Behind the solution is Linköping-based company XMReality.

Adapted to requirements

XMReality, with its background in the Swedish Defense Research Agency, and its long industrial experience, provides solutions that combine efficient technology with ease-of-use.

“Our software can be easily installed on different hardware platforms, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. Additionally, many users opt for the smart glasses that offer a wide field of view and let the user work with both hands free. The choice of hardware is based on the needs of the company,” says Niklas Rengfors, sales director at XMReality.

Improved support services

Common applications within the manufacturing industry include field service and aftermarket service, as well as training. Reduced travel costs, an improved service offering and a higher skill level within the company are some of the advantages that XMReality’s customers testify to.

Powerful support

To Norden Machinery, XMReality’s solution means that Norden Machinery’s service personnel in Kalmar can see and hear exactly what the customer and the service engineer see and hear on the other side of the world, with video and audio in real time.

“This means we are not dependent on having specialist skills on site, while still being able to deliver the support our customers expect from us. Our engineers can also be confident they have powerful support with backup that is always there for them,” says Christer Bäck.