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The world’s attention is understandably focused on the evolving situation with COVID-19 - and the implications to global health, welfare, and business. However, disruptions to our normal working day are an increasingly common occurrence in an ever more globalized society - and it pays to be prepared.

When discussing a potential pandemic, it might seem cynical or opportunistic to focus on the effect upon business, but the harsh reality is that the world continues to turn. For society to be able to deal with a potentially affected workforce, it needs to have solutions that minimize continued risk and exposure while ensuring maximum productivity.

This is not about the effects on the stock market or global macro-economics – this is about basic, critical, day-to-day functions: Transport, energy, food, healthcare – the basic building blocks of a functional society.

For these operations to continue (relatively) uninterrupted, two things are needed:

  • First, the existence of a healthy workforce able to perform their roles without disruption.
  • Second, the machines upon which that workforce rely need to continue to operate without breakdown.

Given the scale of the current outbreak, it’s easy to think of these disruptors as infrequent, random events. But they’re not – it doesn’t take a pandemic to cause major headaches when it comes to productivity. Just think about your last 6 months at work – it’s probable that at least one of the following has had an impact upon your working day:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Travel interruption/cancelation
  • Extreme weather
  • Sickness (you or children)
  • Overseas travel restriction due to political unrest

Sometimes it’s possible to work from home and maintain the same level of productivity. Some might even argue that it’s easier to get more done outside an office environment, with its meetings and distractions. However, there are situations where a physical presence is seen as an absolute necessity – particularly in the area of field service and support.

Take a random scenario. A hospital is facing an interruption to its power supply – it’s got a backup generator, but it’s proving to be intermittent and unreliable. They need technical support to fix it – now. You’re the service technician that’s got the expertise and the experience to help, but you’re at home, many miles away, with the flu. You can probably fix the problem, but it wouldn’t be smart to risk your health through travel or potentially endanger the hospital’s patients by introducing a contagious disease into a medical environment.

So what’s the solution?

You need the ability to help someone, on-site, as if you were standing right by their side, guiding them, pointing out where the problems lie, passing them the correct tools for the job. But you need to do it from a remote location…

XMReality’s Remote Guidance lets you do just that. Now you can show the customer how to fix their issue. The customer simply points their phone or mobile device’s camera at the problem and you can with gestures, drawing-on-screen, or other tools (a virtual screwdriver, for example) show them exactly what to do, step-by-step. Since you can see exactly what they’re doing, guiding them along the way, there is no chance of a ‘lost in translation’ moment. It’s literally like standing by their side, holding their hand.

A final point to consider is this. There are some scenarios that are just everyday irritants such as traffic and canceled flights. There are others, such as today’s situation with Coronavirus, which ask different questions of us, raising issues of social responsibility for the greater good. If you don’t have to travel, should you? If you can perform your role just as well remotely, is it sometimes better not to be there in person – both from the perspective of minimizing the spreading of an illness and in terms of the broader issue of sustainability?

Either way, it pays to be prepared. On every level.


About XMReality Remote Guidance™
XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled knowledge sharing tool that lets you communicate with gestures, speech, chat and pointers with someone in a completely different location.

With Remote Guidance you can:

Connect quickly & easily using call-links
Regardless of whether the recipient receives the link via email, SMS, or some other means, they simply open it in their browser, and click “Start Remote Guidance” to call you directly. They don’t need to install the app and you don’t have to set up a user account for them.
Use a unique Hands-Overlay technology
The customer simply points their phone or mobile device’s camera at the problem and you can with gestures, drawing-on-screen, or other tools show them what to do, step-by-step.
Integrate through APIs
Integrate XMReality Remote Guidance directly with your own system through APIs to receive maximum benefit of data.

Contact us if you want to learn more about how XMReality Remote Guidance™ can help you.

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