XMReality offers tools that empower organizations in the forefront of digitalization to work smarter, generating new business opportunities.


XMReality Remote Guidance is now being used in 42 countries.


Our 28-strong team is revolutionizing knowledge sharing.


We have three offices: In Linköping and In Stockholm and In Portsmouth U.S.

Short history

2007 to today


Solutions saving lives

Founded in 2007 by researchers from the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the first project was to help bomb disposal experts defuse landmines in the field. For six years we performed advanced Contract Research in AR and MR for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) and BAE Systems.


A new direction

In 2013 we decided on a new strategic direction. We put all the technological and business expertise we’d built up into developing a new AR software solution for industry use: XMReality Remote Guidance.


A new generation

With the launch of XMReality Generation 6 we made a giant leap forward. We went from providing a single solution to a complete system – including app, hardware and web portal with strategic tools for managing and monitoring.