About us

XMReality is the market leader in Remote Guidance, revolutionizing knowledge sharing through Augmented Reality.

Like being there

With the XMReality remote guidance solution it is like being there. Even if you actually are somewhere else.

Remote guidance in field service is our business. Our customers point out that expectations of service quality are increasing rapidly, simultaneously efficiency is decreasing due to complex allocation of resources and operational costs are rising. Our solution to this is remote guidance using augmented reality. Through advanced remote guidance we help our customers to increase field service quality, improve the utilization and allocation of service personnel as well as to decrease operational costs.

Company background

XMReality was founded in 2007 by researchers from FOI, The Swedish Defence Research Agency. Early on, the company carried out advanced contract research in the fields of augmented and mixed reality on behalf of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) and BAE Systems. Since 2012 the company has focused serving a global industrial segment with solutions for efficient field service. Our solution relies heavily on our deep competence in augmented and mixed reality, digital imaging and human-computer interaction. Due to our background we understand the demands for industrial expectations such as:

  • full real-time synchronization of video and sound even at limited bandwidth
  • real hands-free applications using industrial grade smart glasses
  • remote guidance interaction between humans just like being there

Remote guidance

Remote guidance in field service means that a local engineer, or other local personnel, is guided by a person, not being locally present, when performing service, maintenance or training. To successfully perform this a remote guidance solution is needed, including both software and hardware. The core in any such solution is the software, which needs to enable synchronized real-time communication. In its most simple and basic form a voice-only or text-only communication might be enough. As soon as the guiding need is a bit more complex, a richer synchronized real-time communication is required including also video, smart glasses and augmented Reality.