XMReality Remote Guidance

Work smart using remote support
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The power of presence, anywhere, any time



Easy to start, easy to use
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The power of remote support
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Use it anywhere, at any time with anyone you want


Works regardless of platform or device

Remote Guidance features

The power of presence, anywhere, any time

It's just like being there.
Even if you're somewhere else.

XMReality Remote Guidance is a remote support solution that gives your people the skills, knowledge and support they need – where and when they need them. Send a call link to anyone you want and start a shared video stream where you have a multitude of powerful tools to use for giving remote support.

Together you collaborate in an interactive environment where speech, video and guiding tools combined makes for faster problem resolution.

With XMReality Remote Guidance expert help is just one call away.

Global brands use XMReality

Choose a contact
Starting the call

How it works

Use the app to create a link and send to anyone that needs remote support.

The person you send the link to does not need to install an app or sign up.

You can connect directly with existing XMReality users without having to send a call link.

When the person clicks the link it opens their view in a web browser and a call is placed to your XMReality app.

When the call is connected you can see what that person is seeing and get a better understanding of the problem.

Of course you can also switch who is guiding!

If you need to solve the problem directly, XMReality provides you with many different tools to help guide the person on the call to a resolution.

Point at specific areas, pause the video and draw or use your hands to provide intuitive instructions.

No matter the problem – XMReality gives you the tools to solve it.

Product Release Q1 2021

XMReality's latest product updates

We are very happy to introduce ‘Web Guide Station’ in our latest product update, the market’s first full web guide station that supports real time overlay of moving physical objects. The release also includes improvements for smart glasses, the possibility to filter on statistics in the admin portal as well as a rate your call feature.


XMReality Remote Guidance

Seeing is believing
Watch our remote support solution in action

Create benefits for you and your customer by making it easy to work smart. XMReality Remote Guidance is simple yet powerful and helps you virtually connect the right people in real-time.

Why you should use XMReality Remote Guidance

Increase efficieny

Over 30% faster problem resolution compared to a standard video call – and 50% less errors. Remote Guidance takes video calls to the next level.

Drive revenue

25% service level enhancement, 21% increase first time fix rate and up to 70% reduced time for equipment repairs. No need to say that this reduces cost and drives revenue!

Boost customer satisfaction (NPS)

Increase NPS with 30% by using XMReality Remote Guidance to support your customers. It’s not just you that benefits – so does your customers.

Read how XMReality Remote Guidance can create benefits for your industry

We strive for sustainable Business

XMReality provides sustainable solutions for longterm benefits

At XMReality we believe that a great product also needs to be a sustainable product, both when it comes to financial, social and environmental aspects.

That’s why we are proud that our remote support solution contributes to all three of those aspects by creating financial value for companies, encouraging knowledge transfer and safe working conditions and having a positive impact on the environment. Here you can read more about how XMReality Remote Guidance contributes to lower CO2 emissions through reduced travels.